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Society tells us that there is a deposit of talent with each person, unique in our little way and that each of us possesses a unique trait of awesomeness.  But then, you always feel less of a man, and talentless, don’t you?

Today, we bring you a goodwill message. A reaffirmation that you are loaded with potentials, just like every other person you admire. The question is whether you are utilizing your potential to the fullest extent. It would be best if you strived to make the most of your possibilities because many people live their lives without using their potentials to the fullest. Even worse are those who realize their true calling in life.

Perhaps you have heard stories of the golden boys who are making great strides in their careers. Do you know that you aren’t so different from them? Everyone is born into this world pretty much the same way, with the same possibility of attaining the peak and unlimited potential in their career choices.

You have to tap into the higher realm and unlock the doors of your potentials. Travis Rice probably put it better than anyone else. He said, “We’ll never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to find it.”  Leo Buscaglia also speaks about this in his quotes, all 20 quotes you can find by clicking on the link here.  So, you have to push yourself to the edge to find and try it.

The most successful people start small, scaled the chasm, reached the tipping point, and later experience a massive degree of personal growth, which manifested into the success you see today. The question is how they did it. What steps did they take?

Now learn how you can unleash your potentials and achieve great success.

How do you unlock and maximize your potentials?

This is no straightforward question. Some experts advise consistent training and dedication in your field of study. Have you heard of the 10,000hrs rule? While others suggest a life of regular hard work. Unlocking your potential is part attitude and part strategy. Fulfilling your potential would give you a great deal of satisfaction. But realizing your potential is not as important as putting the talent within you to abundant use. So, how do you utilize your potential?

Countless lifestyle gurus around the world have debated this question. Having studied the wise answers from these gurus, I have compiled several ways to unleash your potentials. The takeaway from their findings is listed below and detailed in the section that follows.

  • Set a target for your dreams and map out actionable plans to fulfill it.
  • Level up and raise your standards
  • Exhibit defiance in the face of disappointment
  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery (Know thyself)
  • Be ready to take small baby steps
  • Be the best at what you do. Acquire skills and positive habits

Set a target for your dreams and map out actionable plans to fulfill it.

Have you stopped learning and trying to improve? Nobody grows by remaining stagnant. Set realizable but challenging goals and work towards it.

The key to maximizing your potential is to set stimulating and challenging goals that are tasking yet achievable. Having lofty ambitions is a great way to motivate yourself to action. As a wise woman once said, “The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he is dead.”

Without a clear target, you stop improving yourself and, consequently, stifling your growth as an individual. Setting goals is vital to unleashing your potential. Life is like throwing a spear. To hit your target, you must have an accurate( or approximate) description of what you want. Without goals,  you are bound to end up nowhere.

Write down your goals and draft a plan for their realization.

Level up and raise your standards

In ancient Japan, there was a particular sumo wrestler who was supposedly the best fighter in the dojo. No other opponent in the dojo would challenge him, and he remained undefeatable. One day, he came across a warrior from another town, fought with him, and lost. Alas, he was a big fish in a small pond that would never swim anything more than the shallow waters. To reach a paradigm of great feat and fully utilize your potentials, you must never stop learning.

Don’t settle! An insatiable appetite for improvement characterizes the success stories of many accomplished people. Those guys were never satisfied with their current glory.

Raise your standard, and you would rise along with them.

Exhibit defiance in the face of disappointment

Never say never. There’s no perfect story without a setback. How do you deal with disappointment and negativity?

Life throws a curveball now and then. You have to adopt a die-hard attitude to deal with these situations. Learn to be resilient in the face of disappointment. In some cases,  you might also face negativity from your environment( friends and family).

Life lesson: You will probably fail more than you succeed, but what makes the difference is the ability to learn from your mistakes.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery (Know thyself)

To unlock your potential, unlock your identity first. Discover who you want to be and act accordingly. Take note of the differences between your current state and your ideal state.

Your ideal self is who you ultimately want to be, and it is the best version of you in every situation. The first step to unlocking your potential is getting a sense of your ideal self. What is the difference between where you are and where you want to be?

Know your strength and your weakness. Perhaps you are wasting your time in the wrong career. If you are terrible at your current job, you may need to analyze yourself and decide if you are making the right decision. Be honest with yourself while doing this.

Be ready to take small baby steps before quantum leaps.

Rome was not built in a day. Be willing to take baby steps towards achieving your goals. It is okay to start at the bottom. As you work your way up, you would learn about the nature of your career.

We have heard stories of accomplished superstars who start from nothing but with a lifetime of dedication and hard work. They were able to change their narrative and break out of mediocrity. You might need to require a great deal of patience for this to work. With optimism and positive thinking, you would prevail.

Develop positive habits and skills

What steps are you taking to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be? Unleashing your potentials doesn’t happen accidentally; you need to make conscious efforts to create an ideal version.

Maximizing your potentials is part attitude and part strategies. The type of approach you adopt towards your goals can serve as motivation or hindrance to realizing your goals. Acquire skills that would be beneficial to your career.

Surround yourself with positive vibes and supportive relationships.


Surprisingly, a large percentage of people go through life while underutilizing their potentials. Some people leave their possibilities untapped and probably end up with regrets later in life.

Truthfully, this is no easy feat. But with continual practice, it is possible to discover you are truly good at, knowing that hard work and dedication will help you to utilize the unleashed potential fully.

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