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Car rental scam news is everywhere. On YouTube, Google, newspapers, and so much more. It is becoming really common everywhere and in every country. So, it’s really important that we are aware of every possible way to avoid being scammed by car rentals or car hire. We have compiled some of the most frequent car rental scams related questions and explanations that will help you informing in how to avoid being scammed by these false car rental services. The topics that we will be covering today will be:

  • What are car rental scam (s) or rental cars scam (s)?
  • How to detect a car hire scam?
  • How to avoid car rental fraud?
  • What are the types of rent car scams?
  • Car rental scams the USA
  • Are there any budget car rental services?
  • Are there any cheap car rental services around me?

What are car rental scam (s) or rental cars scam (s)?

Car rental scams are when the company of car rental services deceives the customer, and there is an involvement of fraudulence. It results in the loss of a huge amount of money for the customer and an unlawful profit for the company.

How to avoid car rental fraud and detect a car hire scam?

  • Suspicious insurance fee

– Do not believe this “insurance fee.” It may seem legit because of the term “insurance,” but no, it is not! Your credit, debit card, and even your PayPal have an automatically incorporated insurance. So, it is sketchy if they as you for one.

  • The fake contract and hospitality

– They will deceive you by covering the fined document. The person who will ask you to sign the rental contract will showcase the contract document in a very presentable form and stealthily attach the “fine” document.

  • Charging you for late fees
  • Expensive petrol/gas bill
  • Always read all the pages front and back, and look out for any suspicious, double meaning terms and conditions in the contract.
  • Inform the authorities if you have been scammed, as soon as possible.
  • Look out for trivial fees that you have to pay before renting.

What are the types of car rental scams?

There are a lot of car rental scams that you can be caught in. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Catfish method

– You will select a car model, for say, car A, but at the time when you will receive the car after all the payment has been made, you will be given a different car.

  • Hidden charges

– As mentioned earlier, you can be involved in the “late fee” payment because of fraudulence. But you can also be charged after your rental period is over.

  • Forged policies

– They might change the policies in a way that might go unnoticed by you.

So, what do we conclude from this article? The possible steps to detect false car rental and hiring services and their ways to procure money from your wallet. I hope this article was informative and will save you in the future from scams.

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