Mitsubishi has Stormed the Auto Market with its all new Mitsubishi Shogun Sport SUV

The Vehicle Can Provide You One of The Best Rides of Your Life

There are many multinational automobile manufacturers that are based in Japan and Mitsubishi is one of them. Formally known as Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Mitsubishi is a multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
Mitsubishi is the sixth-biggest automaker in Japan and the sixteenth-biggest worldwide. In 2016, 34% shares of Mitsubishi were bought by Nissan, which is also one of the biggest automobiles manufacturers.
Mitsubishi has a reputation for a decent vehicle manufacturer that embodies concepts into practicality.

The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

The Mitsubishi Shogun is a four-wheel-drive SUV which can be proved decisive for a substantial return of Mitsubishi SUVs in the market. It was first introduced in 1998 and kept its presence in the market until 2006.
Later on, its production was disrupted. Now in 2018, Mitsubishi has again rolled out a newer and much-improved version of Shogun which has taken everyone by surprise.
It is designed in such a way that it can ride tough terrains and uneven tracks without any problems.

The Powerful Diesel Engine of Mitsubishi Shogun

Shogun comes with just one diesel engine, but even only one is enough. Under its bonnet lies the 197bhp Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2-litre diesel engine. This dominant engine can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 10.4 seconds, which is quite an amazing rate for an SUV.
Moreover, its speed does not give the impression of uneasiness to the driver because it is intended to run on rugged tracks. This fuel-efficient engine of three-door SUV provides an economy figure of 31.4mpg while restricting the CO2 emissions to 238g/km.
On the other hand, the five-door, seven-seat Shogun earns only 30.4mpg emitting 245g/km of CO2. Due to full interest and high sale of this model, Mitsubishi Shogun reconditioned engines also available in the market for the ease of customers.

Alluring Interior of Mitsubishi Shogun

Despite creating a beast at outside, Mitsubishi did not pay much attention to the interior. Still, its interior can beat many of its rivals in terms of comforts and luxury. Sneak peek the vehicle and you will observe that the seats are firm and flat.
The heating and ventilation system is up to the mark. Though the steering wheel is not adjustable its grip provides a strong feel. Mitsubishi Shogun dashboard is well adjusted and there is very little mess.
It is Simple and useful with beautiful interior materials which would excite you profoundly. It cannot be said absolutely luxurious but it has that can be required by a driver.
If you take a look at the equipment that is used in this vehicle, you will not be disappointed. Even its entry-level model is quite well equipped. It comes with an efficient air-conditioner, alloy wheels, LED lights and cruise control.
A six-speaker stereo system can take your feet off the floor due to its bass.

Mitsubishi Shogun offers Acres of Boot Space

If there is one thing that you would expect from an SUV then it is the boot space and practicality. The enormous space offered inside the Mitsubishi Shogun is available thanks to its huge size.
The five-door long-wheelbase version has the ability to have five or seven seats. Mitsubishi Shogun interior space & cargo storage is also large. There is heaps of space for passengers. The rear seats offer a lot of leg room.
Plus, the vehicle can handle loads of cargo as well.

The Tough SUV Offers Safety at Best

Shogun is made of tough stuff and gives a run for their money to many of its rival companies. Since it is specifically designed for rugged drives, its safety features are designed in accordance.
However, it doesn’t have an independent Euro NCAP crash-test score. Standard safety pieces of equipment are installed in the vehicle which includes stability control electronically handled, latest airbags and child-seat mounts.
The Shogun hasn’t been put through the Euro NCAP, but if it was, it would have achieved no less than a 4-star rating. Despite being old-fashioned, its unique features of safety are on par with the latest technology based features.
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