How the Brake System Works: What You Need to Know

The brake system is more than only brake pads and calipers. It is the system that brings the vehicle to a full stop for the safety of everyone within it, making it likely the most important one in a car. Thus, it is important to understand how it works if you are a car enthusiast.

Power Assist

Modern cars use vehicle assist within the braking system. Many also use a vacuum diaphragm that applies pressure to the master cylinder using an engine vacuum, all of which occurs when pressing the brake pedal.

Hydraulic System

Within the brake system is also the hydraulic system, which has issues related to the seal over time. The hydraulic system includes a master cylinder, which is composed of lines that run to the disc brakes or drum brakes. A piston actuates the master cylinder, forcing fluid through each of the lines, and includes cylinders that have their own pistons.

Mechanical Portion

The brake system also has a mechanical section; this area is where the braking occurs. It features a clamp action for both disc and drum brakes. There are many types of brake pads, including ceramic and semi-metallic. Other mechanical parts are the drums, which can wear out, although not as often as the pads.

Brake Systems: Then and Now

Almost every car built since the 1990s has ABS braking included in it. This system features a hydraulic system to lower the feeling of losing control when there is no traction while braking, which might otherwise happen on an icy road. The ABS system is intricate, which is why it is often best to take the vehicle in for a professional service to fix it.

Signs of Brake Problems

Abnormal smells, sounds, and feelings indicate a brake issue, but knowing what to watch for can help you determine if there is a problem. You will need professional help and the experts at Brake Repair Takamo Auto Clinic can assist you in the best possible way.

For example, a screeching, squealing, or rubbing sound indicates that the brake pads need attention. As damaged pads can hurt other parts of the vehicle, it’s important to attend to the issue quickly at a brake repair specialist, such as Quick Lane.

Also, a vibrating steering wheel can indicate a problem with the brakes if it does not normally have that feel to it. This unexpected vibration could indicate an issue with the rotors, which may be damaged by metal rubbing, and can be an expensive fix if you don’t fix it as soon as possible.

Finally, if you notice a bad smell near your tires, then stop right away. The smell coming from your tires could be indicative of a dangerous outcome. The braking system might be hurt by going further, so a brake inspection is necessary.

Final Words on the Brake System

If the brake system of your vehicle doesn’t feel right, then the chances are that there is a problem. You know your car well after driving it to and from work, for groceries, social outings, and many other activities. Trust your intuition and get it repaired so that you can have a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

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