Teardrop banners: Why companies use them, and how?

Whether you refer to it as a teardrop flag or teardrop feather flag, the fact is that these derive this name from their shape. The printing companies use the sublimation technique to create them. Brands use these promotional tools on different occasions, intending to attract partners and customers. Even stores also buy these movable banners to draw the attention of passersby to their businesses. Usually, people prefer this particular item over billboards for a variety of reasons. Let’s find out what these are.

Reasons for choosing teardrop flag


The original idea behind erecting the flag on the commercial premises is to get public attention. The appealing design and strategic location can further push your cause. Just make sure the image, font, and color are perfect for inspiring anyone to think of your business when they pass.


Teardrop flags are easy to transfer from one place to another due to their lightweight. You can separate one from its stand and move it around with the pole to the other site. That’s why companies give them more importance. They install these at different locations, especially where they host seminars, campaigns, or meetings. Since these are the signs of identification, visitors don’t face any confusion with finding the location. Billboards tend to be static in the sense you cannot move them so effortlessly. But the flexibility with this item allows you to use it on different occasions hassle-free. From carrying to installing, you can perform both tasks without any problem.


Being able to be used at different locations is just one part of its performance. Along with this, you can also use it indoors and outdoors. You can erect inside your store in an area that has sufficient space for its installation and from where it is easy to view. Or, you can put it outside your company building to let people know of your presence. It can be particularly beneficial for branding.

Options to use teardrop banner at its best capacity

You get a single side and double side flag. One-sided teardrop flag can come in handy for small businesses and startups as it tends to be cheaper. Hence, if affordability is the main factor, then choosing this one makes sense. Otherwise, you can buy a double-sided teardrop flag. The opposite sides of the flag help you optimize the value of the available space. With one stand, you can communicate more by providing additional information. It will also have a higher attention rate as people from two sides can notice its message.

Don’t worry about the overlapping of the texts, as they consist of a lining that separates the two sides and thus prevent them from clouding each other.

Tear Banners Are Affordable

At the point when you begin to take a gander at the estimating of advertising materials, particularly for occasions, the expenses can begin to mount up rapidly. The magnificence of tear standards is the cost of them is much not exactly a portion of the other promoting assets you may typically enjoy this sort of occasion. With everything from inflatable openings, inflatable tents, media dividers, and traditionally printed gazebos, the costs can truly fire mounting up for a humble public expo. You can at present have an effect while minimizing expenses with tear pennants.

Standards Are Easy To Customize

With the tear standards, the plan decisions are just constrained by your creative mind. With the capacity to print on various diverse size choices and with various plans, you can alter your tear pennant to stick out. Numerous clients can regularly disregard customary styles of standards, and in this manner they become inadequate. This kind of flag is consistently the one that sticks out and gets your client’s attention.

With any shading decision or showcasing message on the flag in your decision of plan, you can ensure that your logo, business data, and brand is going to stand apart from the group.

If you are a giant corporate or a small store, you can make this flag a part of your marketing strategy. In the end, businesses at any scale want public attention and recognition. Today, in this competitive world, visibility pays off well. And with this, you can quickly achieve it for your business or brand.

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