6 Good Reasons to Get a Minivan

With the latest sedans and SUVs on the market, a minivan may not be your first choice, but it should be. Whether your passion is the outdoors, road-tripping, or just shuttling your kids around town, a van beats out the competition. Here are six reasons why you should think about bringing home a van.

1. Competitive Pricing

When it comes to upgrading your vehicle, the price is a dealbreaker. You have a hard limit, no matter how many bells and whistles you might have on your wish list.

Vans are often a practical choice for your budget if you find a used auto dealership to help you narrow down prices. With an auto dealer on your side, you can get a deal on a used van without compromising performance, safety, or mileage.

The best auto dealers will even help you arrange competitive rates on used car financing, making them ideal if you plan on trading in your current vehicle.

2. Family Friendly

Vans are spacious. With up to eight seats available, the average minivan is the perfect vehicle for a growing family. That sliding door also makes it easy to wrangle young tots into the back, so you and the kids won’t have to contort yourselves every time you want to hit the road.

The newest models even have built-in hot spots and entertainment systems, making it easy to keep your children amused (and out of your hair) during long road trips.

3. More Storage Space

Ample storage space means you won’t have to question whether you can transport an order of lumber or a brand-new wardrobe. There’s a lot of cargo space, which can save you a bundle on delivery fees.

It’s also great for everyday storage needs. Their sliding doors and removable captain’s chairs make it easy to stow groceries, sports and camping equipment, or a furry friend.

4. Safe on the Road

This year, the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey are the top-rated picks, but most minivans test high on safety across the board. Time and time again, they perform better in collisions than other vehicles, partly due to their size.

You can expect the same performance if you find a used van at an auto dealership. An established auto dealer will only have vehicles that passed a bumper-to-bumper inspection on their lot.

5. Cheaper Insurance

While there are a lot of things that factor into your premiums, your vehicle’s make and model will also impact what you pay. Generally speaking, you’ll find a better deal on your auto insurance when you have a van in your driveway.

Vans tend to be cheaper because of that safety rating from above. They also attract a certain type of driver (married with kids) that suggests you won’t be drag racing any time soon.

6. They Look Good

It used to be that a minivan sealed your fate as being uncool. Vans didn’t have much street cred as the quintessential symbols of soccer moms and suburban dads. And you can see why. The minivans of the 90s were boxy, ugly things.

But today, they’re sleek, sporty vehicles that stand wheel-to-wheel with sedans and SUVs. You’ll be proud to have one sitting in your driveway.

Bottom Line

Minivans have a lot going for them. From safety ratings and lower insurance premiums to ample cargo space, they’re a practical option on a budget.

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