Why Your Car Should Have a Dashcam

What Is a Dashcam?

If you’ve never heard of a dashcam before or just want to learn more about it, you came to the right place. A car dashboard camera, commonly referred to as a dashcam, is a video recording device that you can install inside your car’s dashboard. This is often installed in a police car in their line of duty but is also available for commercial use.

A dashcam captures a video of a certain angle of the vehicle, usually at the front end, for later review. Other dashboard cameras are also installed at the rear of the vehicle, and there are also those that record the inside of the car. Depending on the model and its features, dashboard cameras can record video and audio and continuously capture footage by overwriting the data it once captured.

The Importance of Dashboard Cameras

The question that remains now in every car owner’s mind is that why do we even have to bother buying, installing, and maintaining a dashboard camera? What is it that we get from them that makes them a vital component of our cars? We’ve listed down a few things that may help us answer the question of why use a dashcam.


The first and arguably the most important and most common reason why people install dashcams is for evidence. We do not want accidents to happen to us, but if it does, it pays to have proof that you weren’t doing anything wrong. Dashcam footage is arguably the strongest evidence you can have to defend yourself in an accident.

Reporting Undisciplined Drivers

The truth of the matter is, the road is full of undisciplined drivers. Some drivers risk having fun at the expense of everyone’s safety, while others are just downright disrespectful. Gone are the days that you should feel powerless when things like these happen. When you have a dashcam that records everything, you can easily report these incidents to the police, and they’ll be the ones to take care of the matter.

Flawless Parking

Let’s all be honest with each other. Parking a car is not really everyone’s favorite part of the trip. There may be times when you’re just too tired that you just want to get it over with as fast as you can. Other times you may hit a lamppost or be too close to the curb. These can be easily avoided with a dashcam. Some dashcams can be installed in the rear of your car, which lets you see where your vehicle is headed when it’s in reverse without having to bend over backward while on the driver’s seat. This makes parking so much easier, and it lets you do it at a faster pace.

Record Memories

One commonly overlooked benefit of dashcams is how they record memories. Not all dashcams are angled towards the front or rear of the vehicle. There are also dash cams that record the inside of your vehicle. While this may also be for safety reason in case someone tries to break into your car while it’s parked, having a dashcam recording the interior of your car means a camera that captures everything that happens during a ride, and you have to admit, some of the best memories with your friends and family happen while you’re driving down the road.

Additional Features and Functions

Dashcams, especially the latest models, are now equipped with a variety of functions that help your driving experience. The evolution of dashcams paved the way for the integration of features like a high-definition recording. This is your best option if you’ve had your car professionally serviced for car window tinting because HD dashcams are capable of producing quality videos despite the tinted layer on your windshield or windows. Aside from that, modern dashcams don’t require you to purchase a different GPS device because some of the latest versions are already GPS-ready.

The rules of the road are always changing. That’s because, in pursuit of maximum safety for every driver, we have to come up with various solutions to achieve it. In today’s day and age, dashcams seem to be the most important addition to every vehicle. Dashcams will provide you with plenty of benefits, so long as you are mindful of how you use them.

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