How to Remove Sap from Car?

Parking your car under a tree during the hot summer days is not something new for you. Many of you prefer to park your car under a tree to provide it with some shade. However, it doesn’t matter how important trees are for our environment. They are not going to do anything good for your car. Parking your automobile under a tree is simply putting its paint in danger.

Tree dripping sap on car is the main reason you should not park your car under a tree. Birds’ poops and sticky fluids of the trees form sap. This sap can get hard in no time and make it difficult for you to remove it. Removing it roughly can damage your car’s paint. Tree saps ruin the beauty of your car, therefore you need to remove them as soon as possible.

The good news is that tree sap on car can easily be removed at home. We are here with some top ways to remove tree sap from your vehicle.

The Most Effective Ways to Remove Sap from Your Car

You can try numerous methods to get tree sap off the car. However, all of them are not effective. Therefore, we have brought the most effective methods to remove sap from your car. Let’s catch a glimpse of these methods.

Hand Wash Your Car

Hand washing your car is the first thing you can do. You need to do it immediately after seeing sap on your car. Instant washing can avoid sap damage on car paint. To wash your car, you first need to collect all the supplies required. A bucket of warm water, regular water, a cleaning cloth, etc. are the few must-have things. After that, you simply have to wash your car and rub the sap with a cloth to remove it.

Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is rated as a top tree sap remover. You can use it to get sap off your car. In case Alcohol is not available near you, then you can go with any mineral acid as well. You have to soak a microfiber cloth with alcohol. Now apply this cloth to sap and let it absorb alcohol. Do so repeatedly until the sap on the car gets softened and then rub it. Wash with warm water and soap after that to remove any remnants of the alcohol.

Razor Blades

Razor blades are highly efficient to remove pine sap or any other sap from your car. You first need to soften the sap using alcohol, warm water, or some washing liquid. After that you have to scrap it using a razor blade. Try to wiggle the blade underneath the sap so that you can peel it away. However, you need to be very careful when doing so.

A small negligence can result in damage to the paint of your car. Try to wear cut-resistant gloves as well so the risk of any damage to your hands is reduced. Never try to do it by yourself if you cannot handle the blades as it can damage the car.

Cooking Oil

Fresh tree sap stains on car paint can be removed by using cooking oil as well. You just need to soak the sap in vegetable oil for a few minutes. After that, take a cloth soaked in hot water. Now rub this cloth on oil-soaked sap to remove the sap. You may have to repeat it several times to remove the sap completely.

Commercial Products

Numerous products are available in the market that can help you remove tree sap from your car. Some of these products are highly effective. You need to check the rating and reviews of a product before buying it. Furthermore, you must always buy such products from a well-reputed store so you can get effective products.


What does tree sap do to your car?

Tree sap can harden like epoxy. It can remove the paint from your car and can also lead to damage to the protective layer.

How to get rid of tree sap on car?

To get rid of tree sap, you first need to know its nature. If it’s fresh, then you can try removing it with the help of warm water and soap. Old saps can be removed with the help of alcohol.

What removes tree sap from a car?

Several products can remove tree sap from the car. Razor blades, mineral acids, cooking oil, and commercial sap removers can do this job effectively.


You never want your car’s pain getting damaged due to small negligence. Therefore, opt for sap removal as soon as you notice it on your car. In case you cannot remove sap by yourself, you can take your vehicle to an automobile paint shop. Experienced people are present there to help you in this regard.:

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