Is Fixd Worth the Money

Fixd is a product of Fixd Automotive Inc, to scan the car’s health. There is an OBD-II port under the dashboard of the car to plug onto the Fixd scanner. It works to diagnose the whole car to find the vehicle’s problems and provide information with an app installed on the phone. The device supports both Android and iOS mobiles.

Fixd is compatible with all the cars made after 1996. It works effectively to find the problems and gives you advance maintenance reminders for your car. That saves your time and reduces maintenance costs. It has numerous benefits and those benefits make it worth buying.

Benefits of the Fixd Scanner

It is an innovative obd-II connector that has different types of benefits for the driving life. Fixd has brought a revolutionary change to driving. It makes driving comfortable and safe with a quick scan. Take a look at its amazing benefits below.

Identifying Issues

This is the greatest benefit of the Fixd device, it has the ability to identify a large number of issues. However, the manufacturer claims that it can detect more than 6000 troubleshoots including minor and major problems.


If you are in an accident and want to repair the car as soon as possible, you can use the Fixd. It will give you an estimated price to repair the car. It includes the car parts price and labor cost. Fixd checks your location and zip code to tell you the estimated price for the repair.

Fast Scans

Many obd 2 scanners are available on the market but the Fixd works faster than the other scanners. It just takes only a minute to scan the whole car and to report the maintenance problem. However, you can scan the car anytime anywhere you want.

Multiple Car

Other scanners have many differences with fixd but this is one of the major differences that fixd is compatible with multiple cars. And the other scanners are used just for a single car. Just plug into one of your family cars and diagnose at least five cars with a single device and app.


If you think your car is having any problem and you go to the mechanic to check the car’s health. It may be free but you may have to wait in the queue. If the fixd is installed on the car you can scan the car whenever you want.

Beginner Friendly

Diagnostic tools are available at the local shop but they are difficult to operate. They use the transmission code to send them on the phone. For the beginner, the code is unknown, and tough to understand the meaning of these codes. In that case, fixd is user-friendly, especially for beginners.  It helps to understand the car problem and gets an advanced notice to repair the cars.

Android and iOS Support

Fixd supports both of the platforms but the other obd2 scanners support either Android or iOS. It won’t cause any problem if you change the mobile in the future.

Data Security

It is fully secure as it doesn’t have a connection with any other online activity. It works only to transfer car information to the phone, nothing else.

Continuous Monitoring

This feature sets the device apart from the other devices. It works simultaneously to detect the car’s problem. As a result of that, you can know the problem instantly and can fixd them quickly.

How Does the Fixd Works

There is a sensor that needs to plug into the obd2 port which is located under the dashboard of the vehicles. You don’t need to charge the battery as it absorbs power from the car battery. After the plugin leave it there and do the followings

  • Download the Fixd app from the Android or Apple store according to your mobile.
  • Use the Bluetooth or Wifi connection to connect the device to the phone. Make sure both of the devices are connected with the same Wifi network.
  • When the device is connected with the mobile, open the Fixd app on your mobile.
  • Tap the scan button for a quick scan of the vehicle.
  • If there are any faults in the car or the check engine light is on it will send you an error code.
  • You can join the Fixd maintenance club to get assistance whenever you want.

Is Fixd Worth the Money

I have used the fixd scanner with my SUV car for ten years and it saved me a lot from visiting the mechanics. Mostly I have done the small troubleshoots by myself which was money-saving for me. The best part of it was to notify why the check engine light was on and tell you to repair only the damaged parts. I have been benefited from the Fixd Obd2 scanner since I started to use it.

On top of that, there are a lot of user reviews that show a great appreciation to the device. Most of the customer reviews confirm that fixd is worth the money you spend to buy it.

Where Can You Buy It?

Fixd is an affordable obd2 scanner that is recommended for the driver. You can buy the scanner from retailers or online. There is a manufacturer’s official website where you can buy the products with a click. Still, they have a promotional offer that buys one get one free.


After all the discussion I have mentioned some of the frequently asked questions to clear your concepts about the fixd.

Is it Easy to Use?

Yes, it is very simple to use. Anyone can install it in their car and get the app from the Android store. It will tell you about the problems in English.

Are There Any Benefits to Ordering Today?

Yes, there are benefits of ordering today from its official page. It offers a discount on the money-saving scanner. Therefore order before the supplies are run out.

Is There a Monthly Fee for Fixd

No, there is no monthly premium subscription. Just buy it one time and enjoy it forever. There are subscriptions for additional features but scanning the car is always free.

Final Statement

Fixd is very helpful for those who want to keep an eye on their vehicles all the time. The most interesting fact is that you can prevent the problems from happening. You can use the device on any car made after 1996.

It is affordable and great for everyone, especially for beginners it is the most wanted scanner device. However, you should be grateful for its extraordinary services. On top of that, it offers a 30day money-back guarantee when buying the product.

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