Discounted Window Tint In The Winter Could Save You And Your Car

Window tinting does not only enhance the overall look of your car. It offers added protection by blocking most of the sun’s rays from entering your windshield and glass windows.

If your car has yet to get window tints, winter is the perfect time to get outfitted. Even during the winter, the sun can still inflict a degree of damage on you, your passengers, and your car. That said, here are some ways window tinting can provide protection, especially in winter:

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1. Minimizes Glare

A window tint makes an excellent blocker of both night and daytime glare. Night driving can be troublesome because of streetlights and vehicular headlights. Harsh lights can momentarily cause distraction or disorientation.

As for daytime, window tinting your windshield is not only for blocking the sun’s glare in the summer when the sun is shining intensely. Although you may not feel its intense heat, the sun still shines even in winter. The glare during winter may even be worse than in summer as the sun tends to be lower in the sky, and the white snow on the road will reflect the sunlight. This makes it imperative to take your car for window tinting.

2. Shields Your Car Interior

A car wrap can give your car exterior the design you desire and offer protection. On the other hand, consider window tinting to protect your car’s interior. 

The winter sun can still damage your car interior due to its harmful UV rays. Car windows without tinted film allow the passage of sunlight. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays may damage the car dashboard and seat upholstery. Damages, such as color fading, can worsen the car seats. If the upholstery is made of leather, the sun’s rays can dry out the oil and cause cracking. The damage may affect the resale value of your car.

With a car window tint, it will be ready throughout the year regardless of the season. A tinted window will help preserve the interior by blocking out 99% of the Ultraviolet (UV) rays. At the same time, you’re more likely to maintain the value of your car.

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3. Protects You From UV Rays

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that the effect of the sun’s rays has gotten weak. You might think it’s okay to go out without sunscreen protection, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, UV rays can still burn your outer skin throughout the year. Additionally, exposure to UV rays may cause skin problems such as premature skin aging and sunburn

When you frequently drive, your windows must have tinted glass to help block out the UV rays and prevent the sun’s rays from directly hitting your skin. If you tend to drive on routes at angles when the sun can get your face or hands, window tinting will help block them.

4. Protects Your Privacy

If you feel uncomfortable with people being able to look into your car and see what’s inside, car window tints are for you. It’s an affordable way to ensure your privacy. Moreover, it can help prevent thieves from seeing the contents of your car, which might tempt them to attempt a break-in. 

Before tinting your windshield and windows, it’s important to note that most states have car window tinting laws. For example, car owners can only place six inches of window tint at the upper side of the windshield in New York. In Florida, the side windows can only have a film material with a solar reflectance of visible light 25% and under and a minimum of 28% light transmittance. Therefore, consider checking the laws of your state on window tinting first. 

Once you’ve read your state laws, you can request window tinting according to what is allowed in your location. Choose among various shades, from lighter ones to total blackouts. With this, you can choose the privacy level you want for your car. Window tints are not simply for improving the aesthetics of your vehicle. You get peace of mind because it can help protect your safety and your vehicle.

Key Takeaway

You can get affordable car window tinting in the winter and get more protection against the sun’s harmful rays. It reduces glare, improves privacy, protects the car interior from damage, keeps you warm, and guards against UV rays. That said, window tinting is not only to enhance the looks of your vehicle but to have added protection and ensure your safety as you drive around, especially in winter months.

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