Austin 18-22, Morris 18-22 and Wolseley Saloon were launched

Thursday 26th June 1975

Austin 18-22, Morris 18-22 and Wolseley Saloon were launched. The number designation 18–22 referred to the engine sizes available carried forward from the 1800 cc and 2200 cc BMC B-series-engined BMC ADO 17 “Landcrab”. For the first six months of production three badge-engineered versions were produced: Austin, Morris and Wolseley. The Austin model bore the original “design intent”, featuring trapezoidal headlights and a simple horizontally-vaned grille. The Morris and Wolseley cars had a raised “hump” permitting a larger, styled grille for each model; the Morris one was a simple chrome rectangle with Morris in the lower right-hand corner, while Wolseleys had a chrome grille with the traditional illuminated company logo, with narrower vertical bars either side set back within the chromed surround. Both of these versions had four round headlights, and the Wolseley model was only available with the six-cylinder engine and luxury velour trim. Apart from their bonnet and headlamp designs, and of course their badging, the Austin and Morris models were virtually identical. Prices, including VAT and car tax were : 1800 £2116 : 1800 HL £2214 : 2200 HL £2424 : Wolseley £2838.

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