Aston Martin launched the 150 mph DB6

Wednesday 29th September 1965

Aston Martin launched the 150 mph DB6. The DB6 also had a longer wheelbase than its predecessors and could seat four people, with some degree of comfort – a more generous 2+2, rather than full four-seater, though. The higher roofline, split bumpers and more aerodynamic Kamm tail were the main identifying points, and and, as before with the DB4 and ‘5, a more powerful Vantage version was offered, with a Ferrari-scaring 325bhp. The Mk2 appeared in 1969, characterised by flared arches and optional fuel injection. The Prince of Wales later owned a DB6 Volante MkII given to him by his mother on his twenty-first birthday. In 2008 s part of cutting his carbon footprint, the prince converted the classic car to run on 100 per cent bioethanol fuel distilled from surplus British wine.

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