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Going for a long drive might be the most enjoyable activity for those who love to spend time doing adventures. Because we often choose uncommon tracks to go for a drive with loved ones and friends. Now question arises here that what basically we want to have by choosing such tracks? The very first thing that comes to my mind is that we do not want to waste our time and fuel while driving on the same roads we often choose, rather we need to amuse ourselves by seeing new sights and experience new cafes and hotels with our besties. Apart from that, there are a few people who love to feel danger and thrill at that time of adventure. When driving and danger comes together, we must check out the roads which are listed as the most dangerous, craziest, unexpectedly thrilling and shocking for the drivers. Most of them are naturally formed and some others are built by famous builders to be enlisted as the craziest roads of the world.


The beautiful road is located in China and it is also known as the “Heaven-Linking Avenue’ and also that the Big gate road. China is a place where one can find the most inspiring buildings and that is why it is the most desired country for the tourists. It has more than 90 hairpin turns and it covers an area of 6.8 miles. It’s such a hazardous road that the travelers will chose to take a cable car ride from mountain to mountain instead of driving through this road.


Pan American Highway is famous for its dangerous sections of road, there are some which are listed as the top most hazardous areas. Cotopaxi Volcano Road is one of them. It is 40 km long dirt track which connects it to the Cotopaxi Volcano National Park. It is full of slops, turns and potholes which make it a hair-raising road for the drivers.


Counted as one of the tallest bridges in the world, it is the most beautiful structures the engineers have ever made. It is almost 1,125 feet above the base level. €400 million were spend to build this giant structure which is no doubt a big amount but travelers say its beauty is 100 times more than the amount it has taken. Since December 2004, it is a huge attraction for those who love challenging roads.


It is counted as the most isolated, long road situated in North America. You will find no place nearby to take a rest and have a cup of tea to remove your exhaustion. Only three towns are located at the longest route of 414 miles and so you must have taken something to eat and drink along with you if you have planned to hit that road. Prudhoe Bay oilfield trucks used to travel on this northern passage and it got popular in 2009 when a TV series used it named ‘Ice Road Truckers’.


Atlantic Ocean Road is amongst one of the most beautiful road due to its scenic location and people love to travel taking that road. Running between the Norwegian Towns of Kristiansund, it links island with bridges at many points. When the weather turns bad, It can give a blood-chilling feel to travelers but when there is a pleasant weather, you can see whales dancing in the clear water.


It is also called the ‘Troll’s Ladder’. This mountain road was ready and opened to travel in 1936 and it took them whole eight years to make this dramatic mountain road of all the time. Right after its opening, it immediately got the attraction of tourists. It is really dangerous due to its steep inclined position and several hair-pin bends. Here you can enjoy a cold weather most of the time in a year.


It is for those who love to feel their heartbeat in their ears, this cool bridge is one of the best sources for that excitement. It is located in Colorado’s Royal George Park and it is 955 feet high from Arkansas River. It is highly recommended to cross this bridge without any vehicle, walking and enjoying the thrill of amazing spot of this world.


Ejima Bridge is another crazy thing to see and travel but still we will say that it is not that much thrilling as it looks in its photography. Due to the angles they have used to take the pictures, it shows the most hair-raising look to the explorers. It effects badly on your physical mood like stomach starts growling while riding a roller coaster. This master piece was constructed in 2004.


Taihang Mountain of china was populated by the villagers of Guoliang who were sat isolated due to unapproachable area and only a few steps which were carved in mountains. They decided to form a road in 1972 and that was a tunnel road dug by them manually. Having no specific tools and working only with bare hands, it took a complete time of five years to be completed and then afterward in 1977, it was open for traffic.


As the name says, it’s a crazy long bridge which was originally constructed in 1909 and renovated in 1978-1982. It is really famous due to its entry in so many films and dramas and so it is obviously the biggest thing you will like about Florida apart from Mickey Mouse. The beautiful, yet horrifying to some extent, trail invites thousands of travelers from around the world every year.


The breath taking elevation of 11, 575 feet, steep drops, stampede and extreme weather conditions are some of the Specs of Zoji La. It joins Ladakh and Kashmir in Himalayas. It takes a strong hold on your nerves and hands to travel at Zoji La because its life taking height will never give you a second chance.


The second name of this one is Snail’s Pass and it is situated in Chile. It really a tough track for those who love to have an adventurous ride as it is the most nerve-wrecking experience to go on that. It is mostly covered with snow and so it needs lots of patience to drive through that due to the switchbacks. The only people with expert driving skills can handle Los Caracoles Pass or you may hire tourist busses which are used to of this route on daily basis.


Declared as the most dangerous road of the world, it has given the nick name as ‘Death Road’. A report says that nearly 200-300 people die travelling this road annually. It is repeatedly losing its width to 3.5 meter only and it clearly means that a single wrong move of a vehicle can put it straight to the lap of death. Apart from that, there is always a chance of mud sliding and rock-falling. It has killed almost 18 of the thrill seeking cyclists since 1998.


Consisting a total of 38.35 kilometer of length, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway consists of two bridges running parallel crossing the famous Lake Pontchartrain. The horrifying fact about the causeway is that due to its immense length, you completely lose the land’s sight when you have cleared about 8 miles.


Hanging at 1600 feet above the base, Siduhe River bridge is the scariest and longest bridge of the world. It is 4,009 feet long and it crosses the Valley of Sidu River in China. If you are an adventurous soul, you will love to visit this amazing bridge.

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