Your Tires Will Last Longer if You Follow These Easy Tips!

Everyone’s looking for ways to lower the costs of operating their vehicle, so taking care of your tires should be a top priority. Here at Tires To You, we see a lot of drivers whose tires were damaged or worn out sooner than they should have, leading to unnecessary replacements. We want to help Texas drivers get the most from their tires, so we have some tips on keeping them in good shape. From claiming your free tire rotation to keeping up on maintenance, there are plenty of ways to keep your tires running longer.

Four Tips For Extending Your Tires’ Lifespan

1. Free tire rotations

Tire rotations are one of the best ways to boost the life of your tires, and it’s easy too. Rotating tires means simply taking off the wheels and moving them to different positions around the vehicle. This prevents them from wearing down unevenly, spreading out the wear and adding months or years to the tires’ life.

Best of all, we offer free tire rotations to all our customers. All it takes is a few minutes!

2. Maintaining tire pressure

Your tires should always be inflated to the PSI specified by your owner’s manual. Having them over- or under-inflated can cause needless damage, as well as harming your handling. We recommend checking the pressure every month or so, just in case.

Remember that pressure will also vary depending on the weather. The pressure will increase when it’s hot, and drop when it’s cold, so you may need to adjust inflation to match.

3. Accelerate and brake gently

Hard braking and acceleration are terrible for your tires, and will cause them to wear out much more quickly. A gentle touch with your pedals will keep your tires in better shape, and it also gives you better control of your car as well.

Obviously, emergencies can sometimes require harsh maneuvers, but that should be avoided as much as possible.

4. Maintaining wheel alignment and balance

You should also periodically take your vehicle to a tire shop to have its wheel alignment and balance checked. Both of these procedures help ensure your tires are properly set up to provide the best performance, and will also help keep your tires in good shape as well. These procedures do cost a bit of money, but it’s much cheaper than paying for a new set of tires!

Tires To You Offers MORE To Texas Drivers

We’re the fastest-growing tire shop chain in Texas, and that’s in part because we offer more free services to our customers. You can claim a Tires to You free tire rotation by visiting, and we also offer a comprehensive free 10-point tire inspection service as well. If there’s anything wrong with your tires, we’ll make it easy to take care of the issue and help keep your tires running longer as well.

Whether you need new tires, tire repairs, or maintenance, click here to find your closest Tires To You location.

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