WoW Classic Characters Guide: Top 4 Tips For Newly Boosted Characters In World Of Warcraft TBC

The World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic has been out for about a month now and maybe you want to boost the knots or you’re just looking to get into the game. In this guide, we’re going to present top 4 tips for newly boosted characters, before and afters boosting a level 58 in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic.

WoW Classic TBC Tips For Newly Boosted Characters

1. Make sure you’re absolutely positive about the class you want to boost

As we just get one boost per account, it would be a shame to use a boost on a class that you won’t even want to play. We suggest doing research on your top classes you want to play whether that be your top 3 top 5 or even top 8. There are many guides on Youtube to help you make your choice on what class you want to play.

2. Level up from 58 to 60

so now that you’ve figured out what class you want to play, you’re level 58, your clueless on where to go, what to do now is using a leveling guide to get you from level 58 to 60. There are many free guides for boosted characters such as a free level 58 to 60 guide on the rested xp website, and if you want your journey in outland to be a lot simpler you can also purchase their 60 to 70 outline guide for just 20 dollars. But if you want a free route that isn’t as advanced you can use the add-on guideline which you can either import flymo’s guide for horde or the ultimate guides guide for alliance.

3, Not go to outland

Tip number three goes along with tip number two and that is to not go to outland right away. It might be tempting to go to the new zones but it’ll honestly slow you down and with that absolute garbage communal gear you’re probably gonna get one shot in outland.

4. Level up a gathering profession

The final tip only really applies to people who don’t have a mane but we’d highly suggest you level up a gathering profession because you’re going to start off with 25 WoW TBC gold Classic and if you level up a gathering profession you can make some nice easy TBC Classic gold while leveling. And you make a lot of WoW Classic gold by leveling an outline already. But you want to be making as much World of Warcraft Classic Gold as fast as you can. So you can pay for your 100 mount speed which will vastly increase efficiency while leveling .

You might as well take advantage of it especially considering it takes nearly three days of game time to hit level 58 in the first place, so it’s definitely worth buying. Hopefully this guide helped you! And if you are looking to buy WoW TBC Classic gold, welcome to visit – offers cheap and safe Classic WoW gold with fast delivery and best service.

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