Worrying driving theory test results

Results from a quiz created by Vertu Motors are incredibly worrying. After launching the quiz, it was found that only 1 in 10 adults could identify the common UK road signs they were presented with. That means of the 32.7 million UK drivers, 29.4 million would fail!

The quiz was originally made for a bit of fun, but the results have led Vertu Motors to create accompanying content to allow drivers to refresh their knowledge, along with information on how to stay highway code savvy.

Many have questioned the need to retest drivers periodically. In 2020, Formula One Autocentres conducted a survey that showed younger drivers heavily supported the retesting of drivers once they reached a certain age with 64 percent backing proposals. This compares to just 19 percent of road users over the age of 55 who agreed that they needed retesting. A total of 41 percent of those who agreed with a retest said these should be done every five years!

A massive 17 percent also backed an annual retest for road users over the age of 60 in a bid to boost road safety. The same study also revealed 13 percent of those surveyed had previously been in a car crash involving an older driver.

Even though Government figures for the year ending June 2020 showed there were 1,580 reported road deaths, a decrease of 14% compared to the previous year, along with 131,220 casualties of all severities, a decrease of 16% the reduction in casualties, much of this was due to decreased road traffic.

This data, along with the results of the recent Vertu Motors road signs quiz shows there is a clear issue and something that may require further analysis as it’s highly likely there are accidents that could be avoided.

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