World’s Most Hair-Pinned Roads

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People who love to travel are mostly quite brave and adventurous. They will love to get to a road which is tricky and can stop your breath for a while. Driving on a simple and steady road is not interesting and you will get bored easily. You must have a good vehicle if you are fond of driving to such roads.

This entire world is full of interesting roads which you will love to see and experience once in your life. What makes a road interesting for travelers is the challenging route it is offering to the driver to tackle with. You must be quite expert while driving on such roads with sharp turns, dirt patches, slippery surface, land sliding, rock rolling, mountains and uneven surfaces. Though it gives a hidden pleasure to the soul of an adventurer, you cannot avoid the fact that it can be life taking as well. A slight wrong turn or fast speed and you will lose your life. There are some roads which are only allowed for cyclists, big vehicles cannot even move on them. Some others are dangerous for cycles and you must be on a heavy vehicle with professional driver. Make sure to pack a snack for you if you are planning to get to such kind of roads. Because these areas are of extreme weather and the condition of such roads is so unpredictable. You can be trapped for hours. Avod taking kids with you and do not over load your vehicle. Make sure to pick a person who is familiar with the track along with you if you are planning to drive yourself. It is thus highly recommended to let your car driven by a professional and local driver of that area. Take some extra fuel with you as well.

Road between Kallikratis and Kapsodasos

In Southwest Crete, Greece, at there is hairpin road between Kallikratis and Kapsodasos is a sharply curving and steep ascending with zig-zag bending road. It will be hardly to achieve the speed of 30km/h on complete route of 11km. And it will take approx. 25 min drive from one end to another. Road include 27 hairpin curves with incline of 8.95%.

Passo dello Stelvio

In Italy , 9045 feet above the sea level Stelvio Pass is made, Which high mountain pass , it elevation is 2.757m . The path is between the South Tyrol and Bormio. In Europe it was counted in top 25 highest mountain roads. The road was design and construct under the supervision of highly skills engineer and worker. Stelvio Pass consist of 48 hairpin steep bend at several point road become extremely narrow and sharp inclines. At few point curving is approximate 180 degree, Which is very dangerous for driving, a single wrong move can become hazards.


In Kyrgyzstan along the Kurtka river, MoldoAshuu is located in Tian Shan mountain, situated 3346m above the sea level. It is situated on highest mountain range of country with extreme natural beauty with ice capped mountains and area covered with pine tree. On MoldoAshuu path at same time 4 vehicles can travel on this path. It was normally closed for travelling during the months from November till March. Entire winding path can be seen by travelers from the top . Travelers feel sickness at altitude due lack of oxygen.

Curvas de Huanchaca

In southeastern Peru, at Andes mountain range Curvas de Huanchaca is located. The length of the path is 9.8km consists of 24 hairpin curves at 2.26 m above sea level. On the ascent path of Curvas de Huanchaca elevation gain up to 639 heighmeter. The road construct of sand and stone. The path Curvas de Huanchaca is very challenging to drive the vehicles or in the other word we can say it was test for driving stamina as there is no safety measure along the path.

Lowari Pass

In Pakistan, Lowari pass is located in Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa with elevation of 3.118 m at mountain range. It was counted in wor This road called as N45 and local villager call it Hell’s road, which linked with Chitral and Dir. Lowari Pass is known in hair pinned roads of the world. This road is built by British government in old times. This pass is winding, at few points road so narrow that only one vehicle can pass through it, further more than hundreds feet this road unprotected with drop depth of hundreds of feet’s.

Every year this pass is closed in month of November till May due to heavy snow and land sliding. Moreover, In winter season condition got so bad even 4 wheel drive vehicle cant cross the pass, People have to travel on foot. Every year many people got killed while passing and their bodies got buried under snow till summer came.

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