Work began on the 7-mile Mont Blanc road tunnel between France and Italy

Tuesday 6th January 1959

Work began on the 7-mile Mont Blanc road tunnel between France and Italy. The Mont Blanc Tunnel is a single-bore, two-lane tunnel. The horse shoe shaped tunnel has a 7 m wide roadway with two 0.8 walkways on each side. Every 300 m, there are vehicle rest areas, 3.15 m wide by 30 m long, situated on alternating sides of the roadway and numbered from 1 to 36 in the France-Italy direction. Opposite to each rest area, there is a designated U-turn for trucks. Safety is the utmost priority for the operators of the Mont Blanc Tunnel and speed limits must therefore be strictly adhered to. Anyone caught flouting the following speed regulations are liable to a hefty fine or confiscation of their licence. minimum speed limit: 50 km/h; maximum Speed limit: 70 km/h; minimum distance between vehicles: 150 metres. All moving vehicles must use dipped headlights whilst in the tunnel and stopping and/or parking on the carriageway is strictly forbidden, as is overtaking, U-turning and reversing. Each driver is issued with a Mont Blanc Tunnel safety leaflet on payment of the toll which explains the road and safety regulations in three languages (English, French & Italian). Motorists are also asked to listen to the radio whilst driving through the tunnel.

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