Why Your Car Key Is Not Working

We’ve all experienced a day like that. You’re in a hurry to go someplace, and when you attempt to start or unlock your vehicle, you notice that your car key isn’t functioning. When you are locked out of your car, your mind is racing to figure out why this is happening. Sometimes the solution will come to you quickly, while it may take some time to find out what the issue is. We’ve all been there; therefore, it’s a suffering we can all relate to. I’ll look at some of the reasons why your car key isn’t functioning to make this agony a lot simpler for you, should you need it now or in the future.

1.    Key Is Damaged

One of the most obvious explanations is that the car keys have been physically worn out or damaged. This is a problem with older or more robust vehicles. A lack of upkeep may affect the pattern. The grooves may get scuffed over time.

There comes a moment when the key changes and you may or may not notice the harm. However, it will cause the key to cease working properly. Mechanical complications may arise in the case of a contemporary key fob, necessitating a reset. So, it is time to call your professional car locksmith.

2.    Faulty Ignition Cylinder

Your key is not only related to your exterior car door locks but also to the tool that works with the ignition. Car keys are not supposed to exist on their own. This implies that for every key, there is a lock or mechanism that it is designed to work with. If your car key does not function when placed into the ignition, this does not always imply that it is broken or damaged.

This often indicates a more significant problem, such as damage to your car’s ignition. Cars, if you have yet to notice, are mechanically moving components. (This was formerly called magic, but now it is called science and technology.) The idea is that mechanical components are prone to wear and tear. Thus, things always break down, and your ignition cylinder is the same.

3.    Dead Batteries

Another typical reason your keyless remote may not function is that the batteries have died. Your key fob batteries are intended to perform for a limited time before becoming useless.

Check the batteries to see if external forces do not destroy or impact the fob. The simplest option is to replace them with fresh ones, and you’re ready to go.

4.    Aftermarket Keys Are in Use

If you’re using an aftermarket key rather than the original, this might be the root of your problems, causing the keys to malfunction. Aftermarket parts stores are excellent locations to acquire inexpensive replacement car components. However, unlike the original, they are not meant to function in sync with your car constantly.

This also applies to a duplicate vehicle key. Sure, it’s useful if you’re locked out of your vehicle, but duplicate keys are only one of the apparent reasons your car won’t start.

5.    The Key Isn’t Programmed

Your car is controlled via a wireless key. The transmitter in the fob communicates with the responder in your vehicle. When you lock or unlock the fob, it sends signals to the responder to take the necessary action. If the key does not function, it is most likely not programmed into your car.

When key fob batteries die, they also lose their original programming. The programming may have been disrupted if you recently received an aftermath or duplicate key. As a result, the key fob must be associated with the vehicle on which it is used. As a result, you’ll need to reset the vehicle keys to inform both the receiver and the transponder that they’re intended to function together.

6.    You’re Using a Duplicate Key

Car key duplication is popular among drivers for a reason. It provides peace of mind that your chances of getting stranded in a vehicle lockout are reduced simply because you have backup keys. It also allows you to share your car with family members. Many individuals, however, need to be made aware that each subsequent vehicle critical replication diminishes fidelity.

Bits of information are lost in the transmission every time a key is replicated. This implies that if you duplicate a duplicate car key, the result will differ from the original. An improperly duplicated key might cause problems straight away, but a copy of a copy of a copy is far worse.

In certain cases, your car key will not operate simply because you are using a duplicate key that does not function like your original one. Obtaining a duplicate automobile key is considerably less expensive than having a new key cut to code, but it is not necessarily the best or most secure solution.


Car keys are essential to each driver’s daily activities; therefore, having a broken key may be inconvenient. Reading through the things stated above will assist you in accurately interpreting the cause of your vehicle key not functioning. This should help you locate a solution quickly. If you need clarification on what to do, always call a car locksmith rather than messing and risking damage to your key, lock, or ignition.

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