What’s the Best Vehicle to Drive in Queensland? Pick Your Style

Queensland has some of the most scenic routes in Australia, making owning a car an opportunity to grab some sweet escape. The question is, which vehicle suits you best? From Hyundai i45 for sale to demo cars, find out the right partner in this article.

If You’re Looking for Variety, Pick a Ford

Ford has one of the biggest collections of vehicles, having been around since the 1980s. The company was also one of the first to introduce an assembly line in a plant to hasten production. The Ford Escape workshop manual also is a great example of how much thought they put into their vehicles.

If you’re planning to combine leisure and business in Queensland, the Ford F-150 pickup is a great choice. It’s sturdy and offers various engines for your needs and budget. Plus, it rates well in safety.

Meanwhile, Ford Fusion is an excellent mid-sized car. It provides a smooth ride and enough space at the back for storage.

Ford can be expensive, though. You can spend less by buying Kia cars for sale Brisbane QLD dealerships have in their showrooms. Demo cars are vehicles used for test drives. They are cheaper than new ones but are likely to have more mileage left than used Kias.

If You Want Style, Go for Hyundai i45

Let’s face it, most people like to own stylish cars, but most of them come with a hefty price tag. This belief may soon change if you come across the Hyundai i45.

Also called Hyundai Sonata, this vehicle underwent massive changes through the years to ensure they can keep up with consumers’ modern taste and vehicle needs. One difference is the style, which looks sleeker, something you’ll love to drive in city streets.

Even better, reviewers now consider the newer-generation models are more stable with better cruise controls. When you drive them in the Queensland mountains, for example, you can now expect a smoother ascent.

Hyundai vehicles are usually more affordable, but if you’re trying to save a good amount of money, you can always go for a Hyundai i45 for sale.

In one of our recent articles, we compared Hyundai Sonata vs Elantra where you can find out which one will work better for you.

If You’re Craving for Vintage, Buy a Skoda 100

You can take style to a whole new level by getting vintage, and one car fits the bill: Skoda 100. The model, which started production in the 1960s, is what experts call cute and charming. All you need is to look at the build.

While it has a lot more space than the Volkswagen Beetle, Skoda features the classic-car appearance complete with two rounded lights at the front. In the back, meanwhile, is the engine.

Anything old can command a high price. The excellent news is dealerships like Scenic Motors now have Skoda 100 for sale.

If You Want Power at a More Affordable Price, Opt for Hyundai Kona

Sports cars are in demand because of the fun they deliver. The problem is they are expensive. You can pick the next best option, such as Hyundai Kona. In one test drive, the vehicle powered up from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than 7 seconds.

This model is also a subcompact SUV, which suits a growing family looking for something roomier than a sedan. The grilles at the front and the bright colours make the unit an absolute standout.

Despite the expensive look, though, it’s reasonably priced. You can also buy Hyundai Kona for sale QLD dealerships now offer to save more cash.

With so many options in the market today, the only thing that you need is to know what you want. Hopefully, this list helps you achieve that.

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