What to look for in a car

If you’re into classic cars, you might be tempted to write a classic cars list of all your potential options.

Regardless as to whether you’re after something from days gone by, or something more modern, there are a few criteria that you should be looking out for to decide on the best car for you.


The main reason why we get cars is that we want to go faster. You don’t want to have to walk everywhere. Why take a 30-minute walk when you can take a 5-minute car ride instead?

There’s no need to get something that can go up to 500 mph, you’ll never find a road with that speed limit. But you want something that can reach at least 70 mph, potentially more if you plan on driving your car in another country.

Ideally, your car shouldn’t just be capable of reaching such speeds, it should be able to do so with ease. The last thing you want is for your engine to start making awful noises on the motorway.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel-efficient cars are 3 other kinds of efficient too.

Time-efficient, the longer your fuel lasts, the less you’ll have to stop at the gas station. You want to be able to make as many trips as you can without having to stop halfway.

Financially efficient. The less you top up on fuel, the less money you’re going to be spending.

Environmentally efficient. The fewer tanks you put into your car, the less carbon dioxide you’ll be realising into the atmosphere. This helps you to reduce your carbon footprint.


When you’re driving, you don’t want to feel like you’re in a sardine tin. You need to be able to reach all of the gears, and controls that you need to, and the steering wheel should be able to turn without rubbing into your legs.

With driving, comfort isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. If you’re not able to reach everything you need to, the chances of being in a collision are going to rise.

Exactly what qualifies as “roomy” will vary from person to person. A basketball player is going to need more space than a small person. But everyone needs to be sure that their car has enough space for them.


Looks aren’t everything, but they sure as Hell are something!

Standing out from the crowd can be a good thing, but it needs to be done for the right reasons. If people are going to look at you, they should be doing so in awe, not in disgust.

Whatever car you buy, it needs to be something that won’t make you look like the village idiot.

The ideal car?

There is a classic car that ticks all of these boxes. Moderately fuel-efficient, fast, spacious, and looks amazing.

This car is the Ford Mustang! If you want to learn more about it, feel free to take a look at some of our models for sale.

It’s the kind of car that does what it’s supposed to do, and then some!


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