What Is The Function Of Minecraft Servers

Now, who doesn’t love to play games online? Everybody is into gaming nowadays, from children to adults, and Minecraft is such a loved game by all online gamers. But have you ever wondered how you could connect with millions of players all over the world with a single click? It has been possible because of the powerful servers companies use. Minecraft uses robust servers that help gamers connect without any technical glitches. It allows players to access the games online or even play offline through a local network with other players. This article will discuss various aspects of minecraft servers that will help you understand the gaming world better.

How many types of servers does Minecraft use? 

There are many types of Minecraft servers, depending on the unique gaming features it offers. The main servers are-

  • Survival Server- This server is specially used for survival mode. However, you have to abide by a few rules and prohibit the users from avail a few features like Exploiting and Griefing.
  • Creative Server- Gamers can use this server for playing in creative mode. But there are certain restrictions applied to users of creative servers. You cannot access a few game items and even get a limited plot size.
  • Anarchy- The best server is anarchy. However, this Minecraft server has no rules or restrictions for its users. But it is considered unsafe and abusive as players are found to use offensive language, cheat on others, and exploit the game for their benefit.
  • Minigame- This server hosts numerous minigames ranging from Spleef to Capture the Flag.

Apart from these, other Minecraft servers include Faction, Personal or Private, Hardcore, Roleplay, and Pay-to-win servers.

How are Minecraft servers managed or maintained? 

Operators and administrators are usually in charge of managing Minecraft servers. They might be handling the server from their device, or it comes under their jurisdiction. Operators work the essential maintenance under the supervision of administrators. Their primary duty is to make the servers safe and keep them intact from cheating players.

For maintaining the servers properly, operators and administrators are given the right to use specific commands, and it should be noted that primary Minecraft players cannot access these commands. It is their responsibility that Minecraft servers run without any error.

3 Ways to Fix a Minecraft Server problem

While playing on Minecraft, if the server runs into an issue, how can you handle the problem?

  • Here, I present to you three effective ways through which you can repair a faulty server.
  • The first way is to reboot your network by unplugging your internet connection and restarting the system.
  • It may happen due to an issue with your Minecraft account. So, consider re-logging into your Minecraft account.
  • You can try changing your DNS server. If your system’s DNS server is poor or unstable, you may run into a Minecraft server issue.

Therefore, this article can be a guiding light to understanding the concepts from what is Minecraft server to how to fix the issue if you face a Minecraft server issue.

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