3 Ways Self-Driving Cars will Change the Roadways

Christian Denmon 

We are only a few short years from 2020, the year that automakers pledged to roll out a consumer line of self-driving vehicles. The verdict is still out on how the public will respond to these new modes of transportation, but if the growing popularity of Tesla’s vehicles with Autopilot features is any indication, there could be a huge influx of self-driving cars on the world’s roadways sooner than we know it. Aside from relieving the driver of actually having to drive the vehicle, here are a few other ways that Self-Driving vehicles will change the way we move on roadways around the world.

Safer Roads & Less Accidents

The World Health Organization estimates that over 1.2 million people die each year in automobile accidents, and expect that number to rise to over 2 million by 2030. Features built into self-driving vehicles, ranging from cameras to sensors to car-to-car beacons, are designed to remove human error from the equation and provide a safe ride to and from your destination.

DUI’s Stop Ruining Lives

While legislators are still drafting laws surrounding the operation of self-driving vehicles, it’s no secret that a self-driving vehicle could help eliminate thousands of intoxicated drivers from being behind the wheel. It can also help reduce unnecessary accidents, death tolls, fines, having to retain a DUI or car accident attorney, and other legal issues. Ultimately it can help everyone get home safely.

Reduced Interactions with Law Enforcement

Most of us who drive have either had, or know someone who has had, an encounter with law enforcement while operating a vehicle. Whether it was for a simple infraction like not coming to a complete stop, or the most common reason for traffic stops, speeding, the technology developed to operate self-driving vehicles will be able to eliminate these types of infractions by never allowing them to occur. According to this infographic from Denmon Law, there are over 800,000 traffic stops each day but with self-driving cars being introduced, this will be reduced by over 50%.

Non-Existent Traffic

Bumper to bumper traffic is no fun. It’s stressful, aggravating, a productivity-killer, and terrible for the environment. Heavy traffic is often the cause of accidents, which inevitably leads to even more traffic. Automotive experts claim that, if 90% of the vehicles on the roads were self-driving vehicles, 500% more vehicles could be on the roads with zero effect on the flow of traffic.

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