Ways to create memories with your car

Most car journeys are easily forgettable, whether it’s going to work, to the local store or some other chore you have to complete. As all work and no play can make life very dull, here are some ideas of how you can create some more memorable moments by simply owning a car.

Teach someone else to drive

Many of us will still remember the day that we passed our driving test. That moment where you gained a new level of independence. When all of that hard work and money that goes into learning how to drive pays off, it was quite literally one of the most life-changing days of your life. While you might never have as much of an emotional driving experience as that again in your life, it doesn’t mean you can’t help other people achieve those same feelings for themselves. If you’re looking for a new job, becoming a driving instructor can be one of the most rewarding careers out there. You could help other people change their lives. You might think that becoming an instructor would involve a lot of training which takes a lot of time and money, but you could be surprised about how easy the process is to complete. For example, the Surepass Instructor Training group is currently offering a Driving Instructor course with a £500 discount when booked through their website. Just like when you learned to drive originally, all of these courses are one on one and will quickly teach you everything you need to know to become an instructor.

Go on a road trip

Another great way you can make a memory that will go down in your family’s personal history for a long time is to go on an adventure. Plan a road trip to go and explore somewhere you’ve never been before. As you’re in charge of exactly where you can go, you can travel as little or as far as you want on this adventure. You can cross over to different countries or simply explore places closer to home. The best thing about being in the driving seat is you can choose to stop off at a number of places on the way. This means you’ll see more of the area than if you were travelling directly from one destination to another on a plane, train, or even a coach.

See friends and family more

Sometimes you don’t need to go somewhere new or exciting to create an amazing memory. Some of the best memories are made in the homes of your friends and family. By owning a car, you have the luxury of being more spontaneous and organising more last-minute trips to go and see them. If you ever find you unexpectedly have a free day or even just a few hours, why not ring up a friend or family member, jump in the car and go and see them. Seeing them in the flesh is so much more fun and rewarding than speaking to them via the phone or even over a webcam.

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