Vic ‘Al’ Pease

Saturday 15th October 1921

Born on this day, Al Pease, who has the distinction of being the only Formula1 driver to be black flagged for being too slow. At the 1969 Canadian Grand Prix at Mosport Pease was disqualified for dangerously not allowing drivers to lap him, despite being many laps down. He was so slow that he was over 12 laps down when he was black flagged midway through the race. He also finished 45 laps down at the 1967 Canadian Grand Prix in the rain after he had to replace his battery when he stalled at the far end of the circuit. He had to run back to the pits to get a new battery and return to replace it himself, in the pouring rain. A sometime racer in Formula A, Pease handled a Lola T140-Chevrolet and a Brabham BT23B-Climax 4 with modest success during 1969 and 1970.

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