Useful Car Insurance Companies for College Students

We all wish to own a car at some point, especially for college students. It becomes easy to move around and achieve the objectives. However, the vehicle comes along with other expenses. Among them is car insurance. While both public and private university tuition keep increasing, it becomes challenging to balance the two, especially for students who have large families. Remember, the students must face other expenses apart from tuition fees such as food, clothing, rent, fun, and car insurance while on campus.

Since college students are mostly young drivers with less experience driving around, they are likely to get into a mess such as an accident. In such a case, the insurance providers increase their charges. But the good news is that most auto insurance provides discounts to full-time students with three or more GPAs.

According to research by Write my essay today, there are many insurance companies favorable to students who own a car in college. All the companies highlighted in this article offer the best discounts to students.  Let us analyze the insurance companies below:

  • AAA

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has around 58 million members from the U.S.A and Canada since 1902. The company offers students discounts and 24/7 roadside assistance. The deals include: Good student discount at 14%, Driver Training Discount at 5%, and Student Away at School Discount at 46%

  • Allstate

The insurance covers 10% of the car insurance market share, thus ranking it the 3rd largest insurance company in the U.S. Since Allstate has a large market share, it offers discounts to students as follows: Student Away at School Discount at 5% and Good Student Discount at 35%


GEICO does more when it comes to cars. The company provides auto insurance, and with amazing discounts for the student discount. Among the five best car insurance providers, GEICO offers the cheapest rates of them all. However, they provide only a Good Student Discount at 15%. But we are talking of college students, so this might turn out to be the best option for your car needs.

  • American Family

American family also has a significant percentage of the markets share in the United States. Save more with American Family and get TeenSmart Discount at 10% and Good Student Discount at 25%

  • MetLife

Having been in operation since 1863, there are more than 90 million customers from over 60 countries. The insurance provider has its branches in all fifty states. Get in touch with MetLife and enjoy Student Away at School Discount at 10%, TeenSmart Discount at 7%, and Good Student Discount at 15%

  • Westfield Insurance

Even though Westfield Insurance is still growing in car insurance, be sure to enjoy TeenSmart Discount at 15% and Good Student Discount at 25%. As a college student, you will save more cash.


While owning a car is an excellent experience as a student, it is highly recommended to put insurance policies in order. Although students have lots of expenses to meet, they should not discourage any student from owning a car, fearing insurance charges. Several companies offer many discounts to students, which saves you some cash.

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