How Do You Use a Drive-Through Car Wash?

Car washes have become popular over time due to the convenience they offer. The time and effort saved by driving through a car wash appeals to many people, especially when the weather is less than ideal for washing a car by hand.

If you’ve never used a drive-through car wash before, this article will explain the basics. We are sure you’ll find that using a drive-through car wash can be a simple and pleasant experience. It’s a great solution to washing off any contaminants that will destroy your vehicle’s paint.

4 Easy Steps to Use a Drive-Through Car Wash

Are you ready to use a drive-through car wash? Follow these four simple steps for the most convenient car-washing experience you’ll ever experience.

1.    Prepare your car for the car wash.

Before beginning the car wash, you will want to prepare accordingly. Most cars and SUVs will easily fit within the entry of the car wash. Small pick-up trucks will also likely fit. However, if you have any doubts, you may want to check the height and width of the car wash entry to be sure your vehicle will fit before you enter.

Once you are confident your car will fit, be sure there is nothing on the exterior of your car. Anything in the bed of a pick-up truck or attached to the outside of your car should be removed. If your car is wide, consider folding in the side mirrors.

Additionally, it is important to be sure any pets are inside the car. Be sure all of your windows are rolled up before entering the car wash.

2.    Enter your information into the machine.

Most drive-through car washes have a self-service machine outside of the entrance of the car wash. This is especially true for a car wash in a gas station. There will be directions on the machine, however most function in the same way. You will need to insert cash or a credit/debit card and make a wash selection. Follow this link to learn more about how a self-pay car wash terminal works.

Many car washes have multiple wash settings to choose from. The more services a car wash offers, the more expensive it will be. You will need to determine how dirty your car is and which options you want and select a type of car wash accordingly.

3.    Wait for the door to open and enter when instructed.

If there is someone in the car wash ahead of you, you will need to wait until they are finished. If there is a garage-style door on the car wash entry, it will open when it is time for you to enter. Most car washes also have a digital sign or green light that will indicate when it is time for you to drive in.

When driving into the car wash, you will want to be sure to line your tires up with the rails on the ground and be sure you are as centered as possible. Be sure to drive in slowly and be prepared to stop when instructed. In most car washes, there will be a red light or a digital sign that tells you when to stop. If you don’t stop in time and are too far forward, there may be a sign that asks you to back up.

When your car is positioned in the correct place, shift your car into park, then wait for the machines to wash your car.

4.    Wait for the car wash to finish.

When the car wash is finished, there will be a digital sign or indication that it is done. Slowly drive forward and exit the garage. You may find a vending machine that offers towels you can use to dry your vehicle. Additionally, there may be an option for coin-operated vacuums. Taking advantage of these features will make sure your car is sparkling, spot-free, and clean inside and out.

How Often You Should Wash Your Car

In general, most experts recommend washing your car every two weeks. However, this may vary depending on the climate you live in and how you use your vehicle. As long as you are protecting your car or truck with wax and making sure it isn’t being washed with anything harsh that can scratch the paint, it is safe to have it washed as often as you’d like.

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