Unlocking the Capital in Your Unwanted Cars

As a car collector, you know just how easy it can be to add vehicles to your collection that probably shouldn’t be there. They’re not in good enough condition to take pride of place. In many cases, they might not even run. You buy them for parts. You buy them because you think, “Sure, I’ll fix that up,” or “I bet I can get Stan down at the auto shop to help get this running,”.
Ah, if only we actually carried through with those good intentions. We’d all own our dream vehicles, and they’d be in mint condition.
Sadly, for too many classic car buffs, that never becomes the reality. Instead, you’re left with rusting hulks, partial engines, bits of suspension systems and the like littering your garage and yard, and a wallet that’s too depleted to take advantage of good deals when they come along.
There’s good news. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can unlock the capital tied up in those unwanted cars so that you can cash in on great deals when they occur, or invest more in that dream car. How do you do that?

Can You Use Anything?

Before you decide to sell your unwanted cars, check to make sure there’s nothing you need form the vehicle. Some makes and models used interchangeable parts, so you might be able to swap parts over to the model that you’re restoring.

Selling to Private Buyers

Perhaps the first thing to consider is selling your unwanted car(s) to private buyers. These are people just like you – they’ve been bitten by the refurbishing bug, and you just happen to have the make and model they want. Put an ad in the local paper. Use a car-selling website or magazine. There are plenty of ways to reach out to other enthusiasts and sell what you’ve got.  

Parting Out

What happens if the hulks you’ve got rusting in your yard aren’t really saleable? Well, in that case, you can part them out. Even the most degraded car may still have some usable components, and you can bet there’s an enthusiast out there who needs what you have. Take inventory of what’s still usable on the cars you own. Make a list of what you can sell, and then take out an ad, or put your parts up online for sale through user forums and the like.

Selling to the Right Company

While there are plenty of ways to get rid of those unwanted vehicles, some of them are not particularly quick. That can be a hard pill to swallow if you’re presented with a great opportunity now, but lack the liquid capital to take advantage of it, or if you find yourself in need of cash for your current refurbishment project. A faster option is to get cash for cars by selling to a company such as Cars Buyer Centre – the process is simple, and you can get a free quote online, instantly.
In the end, there’s no reason to let those unwanted cars sit in your yard, rusting away. Get rid of them and get the cash you need.

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