The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List

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Are you interested in embarking on a Road trip and you have started thinking about the things to pack to keep your show on the road? Whether it is a cross country road trip or just taking time to explore your background, we’ve carefully put together a comprehensive Ultimate Road Trip Packing List.
This list will help you through the various road trip essentials and tips that will ensure you and the car is running effectively and smoothly throughout the trip. We’ve divided this packing list into five categories, so you can feel free to select or skip to areas that are of more concern to you. They include:
● Luggage and Bag Essentials
● Road Trip Clothing and Outfit List
● Toiletries and Accessories
● Gadgets and Devices
● Car requirements for a Road Trip

1.     Gadgets and Devices

If you are going on a road trip, there is a possibility that you stop at amazing places that will make you reach out for your camera. Likewise, on the road, it might be challenging to keep all your gadgets and devices charged and active. Hence, this is a list of gadgets that comes in handy on any road trip
● Camera

Going on an adventure-filled road trip indicates ample photo opportunities, and without airline luggage restrictions, you can carry along your fancy camera equipment.
● Phone/Laptop/Tablets

To engage in miles of digital distractions, you can endeavor to load your phone or tablets with audiobooks, movies, TV shows, or podcasts. Also, you can absorb yourself in intense gaming with your laptop, particularly if it’s a gaming laptop.
● USB Car Adapter

Try and get a USB car adapter which is usually a true-life saver when on the road and specifically when camping with a limited flow of electricity. Some adapters come with two or more ports, and it allows for charging multiple devices
● A portable charger

A portable is another excellent way of keeping all your devices well charged. Some chargers can charge phones or tablets 5 to 6 times before needing to be charged itself.

2.   Luggage and Bag Essentials

Most times, the striking question that comes to my mind whenever I want to go on a long road trip is whether to go with a Suitcase or Rucksack. However, my decision at the end still depends on what type of road trip I intend to embark on. Also, it is essential to get a large bag to contain all your belongings, accessories, and clothes.
● Suitcase or Rucksack

A suitcase, on the one hand, is suitable for easy access and use as things can be taken in and out without much effort which helps you avoid a big mess of things you have arranged inside. On the other hand, a rucksack is perfect for unplanned vacations and adventures.
● Day Bag

For those looking forward to hiking and go on a mini one-day adventure while on a road trip, a day bag is essential. It usually comes small and compact, yet fits so much. It also comes at a high price but can last the test of time.
● Dressy Backpack

It is usually a good idea to come along with a small, fashionable bag in the case of any city stop. Usually, I like to carry a backpack that can fit my camera, tablet, phone, and wallet.

3.     Road Trip Clothing and Outfit List

It is quite challenging to narrow down specific clothes to carry along with you on a road trip as you have to consider a lot of factors. For instance, the climate, season, weather, and also the itinerary. However, It is advisable to pick a comfortable, yet versatile traveling outfits to avoid changing your clothes by the roadside, which might be awkward.
Some of the vital clothing or outfit you should take into consideration includes:
● Comfortable Travel Clothes

You should consider leaving your jeans at home and slip into loose-fitting t-shirt and also breathable trousers or leggings because you are just about to embark on a long ride. Also, a lightweight dress is a right, one-and-done outfit. However, try and save your most expensive outfits for your destination where you can wear them without wrinkles and free of crumbs.
● Sweater

A sweater comes in handy when the weather gets quite chilly or when the Car’s Air conditioner is becoming too cold for you to bear.
● Raincoat/Cloak

You should prepare yourself for what the weather might bring your ways such as a Heavy rainfall or light showers, and a raincoat will be useful for this purpose.
● Swimwear

Swimwear is also suitable to be carried along because you never know whether you will stumble across a mysterious hot spring or exquisite hotel pool
● Shoes

Consider taking along comfy sneakers which are prepared for anything and easy to drive in rather than impractical shoes. Also, stuff a pair of sandals in your bag within easy reach to ensure you are ready for the spur-of-the-moment stop at the beach.

4.     Toiletries and Accessories

These are little yet essential items that can make a big difference to the success and effectiveness of your road trip. To be out on the open road for an extended period is stressful, but it can be less than a perfect trip if you are not prepared.
● Toilet paper

You should be aware that the road is full of surprises, which includes un-stocked restrooms. You need to prepare yourself for instances like this. Hence you should always carry along with Toilet paper
● Wet wipes

A biodegradable damp-wipe can be used for days where it is impossible to grab a shower or in the case of sticky-fingers.
● Travel Towel

A microfiber sports towel is great for any road trip as it is fast-drying, very light and just takes little space in your bag pack.
● Water Bottle

It appears easier to pack a few water bottles in your cooler to ensure you stay hydrated in the course of the trip. However, taking along a reusable water bottle will help save you money. You can refill your bottle at stops such as petrol stations and restaurants for free.
● Umbrella

An Umbrella is one of the things you should consider on your packing list regardless of the weather. No one wants to travel on wet clothes or taking the trouble of drying them on the road.
● Bin Bags

It is quite easy to accumulate rubbish in your car on a road trip such as tissues, food, wrappers, coffee cups. Add to this a hot or warm weather, and you will end up traveling in a stinky wheelie bin. Try and keep your car clean and tidy with a stock of biodegradable bin bags or an in-car rubbish bin
● Sunscreen

When the sun beats through the glass, it brings a high level of discomfort, and it can cause a mild sunburn if you are not careful. In moments like this, you can make use of a Sunscreen to protect the skin.
● Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is necessary to put all the items listed above together and at arm’s reach.

5.     Car Requirements for a Road Trip

It is usually not exciting prepping for your road trip, but it is undoubtedly essential. Papers and documents are the most critical part of having a whole road trip packing list. In addition, you must ensure your car is prepared for the trip. Things you need to get your car ready include:
● Car Manual

Hopefully, this item would remain in the glove box of your car for the duration of your trip. However, you should consider carrying it along in case you encounter any issues on the road.
Valid Driver’s License

It is quite apparent you need this item for your road trip. However, in some countries, you must have an International driving permit and which you need to obtain before you travel; hence, you need to carry out your research in advance.
● Spare Tyre

You must ensure your car’s spare tire is in good shape and you know how to use it. It might not be easy to get a car mechanic fix and change it for you in the case of damage to your tire.
● A first Aid Kit

A portable first aid kit is a useful item on any road trip. You can’t tell when it might be needed, but you need to prepare yourself for unforeseen circumstances.
Emergency Break Down Kit

No one will like to experience a car breakdown on the road while traveling. However, events like this are sometimes impossible to prevent, and you will require an emergency break down kit to get yourself out of a messy situation.
● A Map

We have smartphone apps like Google maps and Google street view, which is impressive. Nonetheless, what happens in a case your phone dies, or you are out of the range of WiFi or network coverage? Endeavor to purchase a map and don’t leave your fate in the hands of your smartphone.


There’s no exciting feeling than independence, and that is what comes with a road trip holiday. This packing guide has been carefully compiled to help make your tour comfortable. Hence, try and pack wisely as there is no feeling worse than having to stop repeatedly to search for an item you buried at the bottom of your bag, and the bag buried at the bottom of the boot.

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