Types of Windshield Cracks

Owning a car and self-driving it is no less than an achievement for an individual. But, when it comes to addressing the windshield damage issues, several considerations need to be taken care of. Understanding the different types of windshield cracks are essential. On the basis of these cracks on windshield, it becomes easier for the people to avail the solution. Knowing what type of crack has emerged on your car windshield lets you understand if the windshield can be repaired or needs a replacement.

Without any further delay, let us take a look at different types of cracks which can affect the visibility of the windshield in a variable manner.

1. Bull’s Eye Crack

When something hits the windshield of the car, all of a sudden, then, the bull’s eye crack is formed. It might look identical to chip, but, due to its extensive damage, this crack needs to be addressed in a timely manner.

2. Edge crack

This type of windshield crack is caused due to the application of excessive pressure on the sides. It starts from the edge of the windshield.

3. Stress crack

This type of crack has a deeper impact on the windshield and can be felt through fingers. Probably, by moving a pen over the stress crack, its severity can be assessed. Unlike the other cracks caused by being collided with different objects, this type of crack occurs due to the sudden change in the temperature.

4. Star crack

The damage caused in this type of crack turns into a star-like formation. Hence, it is called a star crack or star break which is a result of being hit by a sharp object on the windscreen. If this windshield crack is not addressed on time, the crack gets escalated to a greater extent.

5. The Half-moon Crack

This type of crack on windshield takes a semi-circular shape after the collision with the object, hence, it has been termed as the half-moon crack.

6. Combination break

As the name suggests, the combination break is a type of crack on windshield of the car which is a combination of both bull’s eye and star break. It can be caused by sharp pebble or any object striking windshield at a fast pace.

Apart from the above stated cracks of windshield, many chips and minor damages of windshield should not be ignored. Most of these windshield cracks grow deeper over the period of time. Nevertheless, the cost of repair will not be the safe as there may be the chances when auto glass specialists may recommend replacement when the car windshield’s damage escalates.

How to seek Auto Glass Specialist’s Assistance for Windshield Crack Repair?

From identifying the type of crack and chip caused on the windshield to taking appropriate measures to avoid further damage, the early signs of damage should not be ignored. The next thing to be remembered is the professional, qualified, experienced and reliable windshield repair organizations should be checked. After reviewing the process of these companies, the automobile owner should meet the windshield repair professionals in person. In the discussion, all the aspects about the windshield, prospects and the expenses incurred in the process should be focused on.

On a final note, it is necessary to know what type of crack has been formed on the windshield to find the right solution.

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