Travel Services: 8 Apps to Simplify Your Journey

Which way would you prefer to book a Stansted car hire for your next road trip to London? The answer is clear – the app on your smartphone is the best and easiest thing you can think of. Indeed, the modern traveller’s mobile device is more than a means of communication. This is a real multi-task assistant that will help you solve any problem, and it’s not just about car hire but any other travel-related task.

Today you can download many apps to make your next trip easier. However, not all of them are really good. We have selected 8 apps with which you can count on a pleasant travel experience and enjoy your trip.


PackPoint helps you pack your backpack and don’t forget something important. Taking into account the season, the climate of the country where you are travelling to and your preferences, the application will make the perfect list of things to take on a particular trip.

Whether it’s a road trip in a hire car or a family adventure, PackPoint makes preparation easy. Indicate in the application the place, date of arrival, number of days, and type of trip, and get a checklist of the necessary things.

It will help not only not to forget your passport, but also avoid taking unnecessary things with you. As a bonus, the app can identify anticipated activities on your upcoming trip: photographing, hiking, mountain climbing, etc. The application will select a list of what is needed for each of these leisure options.


If your flight is delayed or canceled while your baggage is changing continents without your knowledge, the airline must pay compensation. Everyone knows this, but not everyone knows how to use it.

For such a case, there’s the AirHelp app. This is a travel friend who cheerfully goes to the airline and seeks compensation for you. Enter your flight number into the system, add all known information about the reasons for the delay, and the service will check if you can count on compensation.

Sending a request is free of charge. The compensation usually doesn’t exceed 600 Euros, but if the application achieves its payment, then you will have to share 25% of the amount. By the way, compensations must be paid up to three years from the date of the incident, so if you have ever had problems with flights, you can check if the airline owes you.


Picking up the first hire car you come across from the nearest car hire office is not the best idea for a budget trip. AutoSlash will help you figure out how much it can cost and where to get it cheaper. This is a service for finding car hire discounts.

The application’s algorithms scour the web for offers that match your request, and within half an hour they send you a link with great deals. However, the service doesn’t stop at making a reservation. If a better car hire offer appears somewhere, AutoSlash will automatically upgrade your final price.


Roomer is simply a frustration relief service. Let’s say you’re going to have a nice rest. You pay for a non-refundable room reservation, but at the last moment, you have to cancel the plan.

Roomer will help to save from 30 to 80% of the paid amount. Post your booking voucher there and set your price. No manual name changes and no correspondence with the hotel – the service team does everything for you.

As a result, someone will get the booking cheaper, while you will get some of the money back. Conversely, if you want to relax in comfort for less money, go to Roomer and look for those who are selling their reservations in the desired region.

Imagine a situation when, after a transatlantic flight, you find out that your connecting flight is delayed by 15 hours. The only thing you want at such moments is to sleep and take a shower. Unfortunately, the airport is not the most convenient place for this.

In this case, comes in handy. The service offers hotel rooms for a day or a few hours during the day with a discount of up to 80%. The service was opened by a former hotelier, who was often approached with such a request by travellers. So we hope you will also enjoy it.


Sometimes the presence of a bar or a pretty park near your hotel can decide the fate of a booking. The main thing is that upon arrival, the bar is found in the expected place, and the park doesn’t turn out to be a local ghetto, where it’s unsafe to walk after sunset.

Streetography is a map-based and user-generated content app that will help you check in advance for a specific location. There you can see what users usually photograph in the area you are interested in, thereby getting a kind of preview of the desired destination. And if you are already there, use the service to find the most picturesque places in the city and make a colorful photo report.


Navigating even already explored areas can be more fun with Sidekix. Instead of the most direct route, the application offers to get from point A to point B, catching the most interesting things along the way.

It can be clothing stores, coffee shops, bars, or events – the choice is yours. Set the start/finish points, and the approximate amount of free time. The application will do the rest for you.

Cool Cousin

You already know TripAdvisor and Couchsurfing, so it’s time for something new. Let’s try Cool Cousin. As the name suggests, the app plays the role of a cool distant relative who meets you in his hometown and takes you to the most favorite places. However, instead of a relative, a stranger acts as a guide. So, find people you like in the app and follow their routes to get to know the area from the local’s point of view.

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