How to travel with Scuba Gear.

As a hardcore scuba diver, you refuse to be tied to one diving location. The need to dive into new waters excites you. However, this need comes at a cost. You have to travel with your expensive and very delicate gear.

There are many risks associated with traveling with scuba gear, such as damage to your gear or even losing your equipment, you can read more about this at Lifestyle Reviews.

So how do you travel with your scuba diving gear? Outlined below are some of the steps you can take to ensure safe travel;

1.         Pack only the essentials

Many gear thieves tend to target large bags. They assume the bags have scuba gear. You can use this to your advantage. Pack only those items you need and will use. According to lifestyle reviews, traveling light is a key ingredient to safe travel.

A trick you can use is first writing down all the items you will need. Then tick on those items you can rent at the scuba diving site instead of traveling with them. For instance, it’s safer and more convenient to rent a tank than travel with one.

To be sure and avoid disappointments. Please check the websites for shops that rent scuba diving gear in your travel destination. To see whether they have all the items you may need.

2.         Consider Airport screening while packing

While packing and separating your scuba diving gear, it’s important to keep in mind the airport screening. You want to get through the screening process as quickly as possible. Many transport and security boards advise packing items such as masks, fins, snorkels, regulators, buoyancy compensators in carrying – bags. Whereas spear guns, knives, tools may be placed in checked bags. As they pose a potential threat to safety.

3.         Care for your gear.

Sharp objects like knives should be wrapped or sheathed as safety protection for your other gear and the safety of the people handling luggage bags. This is according to national safety and transport authority.

While traveling, you have to consider that your bags, especially the checked ones, may be damaged or stolen. So it’s advisable to pack only the things you can live without, or maybe rent on reaching your destination. Precious items like prescription masks and computer dive should be with you at all times.

4.         Cost saving

Proper planning will allow you to save on some fees like luggage fees. (One more reason to travel light) Check your airline for luggage charges. This is because some airlines charge extra fees for scuba luggage.

If so, you can utilize airline reward cards. These cards can significantly cut down on your cost. Since every time you travel, you get points. This can be redeemed on the next trip.

Also, check the prices of scuba gear rental shops of the location you are heading to. Some rental shops charge lesser than others while offering quality gear. It’s advisable to rent from such shops.

5.         Self-protection

While traveling with dive bags, try to cover the logos. To avoid tempting thieves. Check that your bag’s zippers are all working, zip them up fully and lock them. You may also consider getting an insurance policy for your gear. Considering the high cost of the items.

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