Top Motorcycle Gear You Can Afford

Indeed, investing in high-quality motorcycle gear can hurt your wallet. Especially if you have just finished emptying your bank account for your desired dream bike, the chances are you do not have enough budget to buy essential gears to accompany you on your adventurous rides. First of all check out Bodeenmoto specialises in the design and manufacture of billet aluminium engine covers for motocross bikes. They offer a full range of clutch and ignition covers which can be fully customised on request.

However, safety and comfort should be your top priority before hopping onto that shiny bike, especially during bumpy, lengthy, and high terrain rides. Unlike cars, motorcycles would not give you the necessary structural protection. Thus, motorcycle enthusiasts should be extra careful during rides.

The expense of your motorcycle will not matter if your health is at risk. You do not need to max out your credit cards to keep yourself covered and protected. There are a variety of affordable, functional gears in the market. Here is a list of the top motorcycle gear.

1.   Helmets

The first thing that you have to protect is your head. The head or the brain is the most vulnerable part of your body. There is an increased chance of survival for frequent helmet wearers than for non-helmet ones. Head injuries are the most frequent reason for motorcycle deaths.

Besides protecting your brain from suffering too much impact damage, helmets also protect your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears from undesired road scrapes and bruises.

Helmets’ prices range depending on brand, durability, and material. Prices start from 70 dollars to as much as 250 dollars.

However, it is also important to note that price is not proportional to functionality. If you did your research, you could get one for 50 dollars. Also, try your luck in finding an excellent motorcycle gear sale to get the best deals.

2.   Riding jacket

Of course, it is not only the head you should protect. Your body is just as important. A men’s motorcycle jacket can give you that necessary protection.

Motorcycle jackets safeguard the motorcyclist from extreme weather such as the hot scorching sun and freezing climates. Manufacturers also supply jackets with cushioning to protect high-impact locations like the shoulder and elbows.

Furthermore, the covering provided by the jackets gives extra protection to the skin to prevent abrasions and scars from untimely falls. In addition, many motorcycle jackets come fitted with luminous gear, which can provide additional safety for riders at night.

They are also great for accompanying pieces to stay on top of your fashion game. The prices of affordable motorcycle jackets range from 130 to 250 dollars.

3.   Boots

Now that you have protected your head and body, what about your feet? Well, motorcycle boots are here to provide that desired protection.

Motorcycle boots provide ankle support for better control and protection, minimizing the impact of the fall. Especially since motorcycles are heavy, your ankles could get hurt after a lengthy ride. Regular shoes would almost certainly slide off, exposing the feet and increasing the danger of broken bones or other catastrophic injuries.

In a collision, the ankles are frequently the first part of the body to be hit, subject to orthopedic injuries such as bone breaks, fractures, twists, sprains, strains, and muscle tears. Ankles can potentially be crushed and shattered by the weight of another vehicle or the bike itself.

If you are looking for motorcycle boots, allot a budget of 100 to 250 dollars for the perfect pair.

The Bottomline

You may have just finished splurging to finally get and experience riding your dream bike. Thus, you may consider forgoing spending on motorcycle gear to save and bring back the money you just emptied. Don’t give in to that temptation!

Motorcycle gears are vital for protection and comfort during rides. There are affordable choices in the market without maxing credit. Prioritize buying a helmet, riding jacket, and motorcycle boots. Take advantage of sales and discounts.

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