Top 9 Tire Brands You Will Never Get Tired Of

One of the necessities of a car is the tire. Without the tire the car won’t be able to move – well most probably it can, but you have to suffer from the screeches that can most probably give you literal bloody eardrums.

However, as the world progresses, there are a lot of tires in the market that may confuse you and your choices for your private vehicle. To help you choose the big toy, we closed the list of reliable brands from a hundred to nine. Moreover, visiting would also be a great help in this regard.

Here is the list of big names in tire technology that can ensure you satisfying tires.


Bridgestone boasts the range of tires that they have that could fit any vehicle possible. More so, this manufacturer also prioritizes the tenuity of the tires, especially those tires that would undergo rough road conditions.

They have many types of tires that ranges stretches out from performance All-Season Tires to All Season SUV tires. The All-season tires with S- and T- rating are the ones highly favored by the public. These type of tires are highly favorable to the mass due to its flexibility in being maneuvered in wet or dry lands.


The tire brand is highly appealing to every mechanic and car owner due to its attractive price without compromising the level of its quality. Many customers are witnesses to the very budget-friendly tires that Continental offers.

Continental also boasts the comfortability of the tires and the fact that it is easy to handle. They may have some minor issues when it comes to tire tread life, but still, they are in the customer’s ideal tires because of the attractive price of the tires.


Cooper tires are one of the locally produced tires which is highly recommendable to car owners. It is known to be a family-oriented tire since it is best for family cars like minivans, SUVs, sedans, and other cars used for family bondings.

On the 100th anniversary of Cooper, it exposed a new tire that they assured to be a hit in the market. The firm also announced that they could suffice every essential of different drivers with this tire. This hot tire is known as Cooper CS5 Grand Touring, and Ultra Touring tire already garners positive reviews as the Cooper themselves labeled it as the most important tire in the company’s history.


As a competitor of Continental is propagating budget-friendly tires that are never of waste material, Firestone is a game changer in the replacement market. The company enters the picture with affordable tires as their ace.

Firestone first served Ford Motor Company thanks to the friendship of Harvey Firestone and Henry Ford. Though the bond between two companies ended in 2001, Though the relationship between two companies ended in 2001, Firestone continued to be a big name in the industry even after Japan-based Bridgestone acquired ownership rights. Nowadays, Firestone roams the market with their Firestone Precision Touring tire with dry and wet cornering that suits subtropical places


If you live somewhere with unpredictable weather patterns, Goodyear knows that they can help you with a good tire that can aid up your weather trouble. Goodyear also boasts the responsive handling that their tires can muster in any suitable vehicles.

In North America, Goodyear embarks a good name as a best-seller when it comes to tire making. Goodyear is one of the leading companies in tire production. Alongside this overwhelming legitimacy and credibility, Goodyear Assurance® CS TripleTred™ All-Season is a tire that it proudly boasts with its durability against changing weathers conditions and offering of ultra wet traction.


Michelin has topped a survey done by Consumer Reports in 2016 garnering a score of 71.5 competing next in rank with Pirelli. One advantage that Michelin can boast of is the long-lasting treads which is one of the common problems with other tires. Other than that, their treads also have treadwear warranty which is very viable to the clients.

Michelin is also known as a pioneer in tire technology. All of their tire types are highly competitive in the market and are all credible to drive you from North Dakota to Texas. Michelin is more expensive compared to other tires, but the quality that they can offer is incomparable.


Pirelli is also a top-brand in the game of tire technology. They have tires that propose to withstand changing weather conditions under high comfort and little to no annoyance, especially with noise production. Pirelli presents the P4 Four Seasons with elements that are enough to fulfill any driver’s needs, according to the company.

The tire has unique features like reinforced sidewall which extends the tread life. It also has twin steel belts to aid a smooth riding, some angled grooves and siping for better control in wet pavements. The tire is also an all-season tire expected to conquer any possible that is not only limited to one.


Nokian is a special tire brand that best fits snowy roads or winter conditions. But despite such fact, Nokian’s best selling tire is the summer tire zLine UHP. The technology of Nokian is not only limited to wet and cold conditions, but they proved that with this tire they could excel in hot and dry conditions too.

The Nokian zLine UHP is known to give a boost to the car performance. Reviews in the Consumer’s Report states that the tires are of high-quality when it comes to the handling mechanism it possesses both in dry and wet conditions.


Yokohama is a pride of Japan. The tire company made and is making a global presence in its chosen field. Even though it is a Japanese company, the base of Yokohama is in southern California. Yokohama puts emphasis in inputting the well-mannered handling of the tires may it be in dry or wet pavement conditions.

With this principle at hand, the Yokohama Avid Ascend, as their All-season tire underwent several testings that sufficed the critic’s standards. The grips may it be in dry or wet conditions, are undeniable. Also, the lifespan of the tire is said to be somewhat on par with its price.


Aside from the different fancy keys that an automotive locksmith in Houston can offer, tires that are of high quality is also one of the necessities of having a great car. Tires come in different sizes, shapes, specialties, and needs to suit any vehicle there is. The appropriate tire is hard to look for, but with enough research and knowledge, the rightful car can stand on good tires.

It is essential to the right tire for your car to avoid future discrepancies and unwanted accidents. If you are having some trouble in picking the best car for your car, there are mobile mechanics in Houston which are more than willing to give you pieces of advice and aid your car troubles.

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