Top 4 Apps for Classic Car Lovers

Classic car owners are known for being slightly protective of their prized possessions — and some canny developers have made the most of this knowledge by creating apps that allow vintage vehicle lovers to carry their hobby with them 24/7. Here are 4 of the best classic car-related apps:


Do you get a thrill from thumbing through a car’s historical documentation? If yes, Patina isn’t the app for you. It’s a platform to digitally log your vehicle’s history — simply scan the car’s existing documents and upload them into the app to start your online archive.
Although there’s something satisfying about having a car’s physical records, storing everything in-app is an inarguably good idea. Not only do you ensure everything is backed up, but you also have an easy-to-scan overview of your car’s history and can securely transfer its data to the next owner — thereby increasing the car’s value.


If Patina is your vehicle’s past, Drivvo is its present. Drivvo is a vehicle management app, which, like Patina, provides the benefit of storing all your car’s information together in one place. Use Drivvo to manage expenses (like supplies and services), to be reminded of upcoming maintenance and payments and to analyse your vehicle’s performance with handy timelines, summaries and charts.

Fat Llama

Fat Llama is a platform for renting and lending (almost) anything from people in your area — including classic cars (there’s 500+ of them on the site). Everything from a DeLorean DMC-12 to a 1964 Jaguar Kougar is available for hire: there’s even a 1971 London taxi cab ready to rent in New York.
As there are both self-drive and chauffeur options, the cars aren’t for special occasions only — if you just have the sudden urge to drive something beautiful, you can find a suitable car and arrange to pick it up at a time that works for you.
And car lenders can rest assured that their prized possessions are in safe hands — Fat Llama users must pass a verification process before they can start renting. So if you’re lucky enough to own a classic car? List it for rental on Fat Llama, and you could earn some money back on your investment: without the heartbreak of having to sell.

Rally Road

Rally Road have set out to transform our relationship with classic cars. Once restricted to only the very wealthy, the founders of this app want to make ownership (or at least part-ownership) of vintage motors a realistic prospect for all.
Rally Road’s team of experts vet, acquire and insure cars that they believe will only increase in value; the cars are then stored in a secure, temperature-controlled environment and monitored 24/7 (and for even more peace of mind, a live stream of the facility is being established).
The cars then become equity shares, starting at around $50 (and ending much, much higher); download the app to browse the available vehicles and their key details (e.g. photos, ownership history and market price), before deciding where to place your investment.

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