Tips to Maintain Your Truck for Long Life

In order to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of your truck you need to ensure periodic maintenance as an essential part of your operations. It mainly consists of scheduled servicing, regular inspections and timely repairs to ensure maximum longevity of the vehicle. You don’t want unnecessary breakdowns or escalated repair costs on your vehicle. So, here are few tips that will prolong the life of your truck.

Regular maintenance

You need some regular maintenance to be carried out on your vehicle almost everyday and this will hardly take much time. But will give you benefits in the long run.

  • Check the engine oilEvery engine requires lubrication and oil is what plays the most important role.  Everyday while starting the engine you must make sure that there is sufficient engine oil inside the engine. Check the dipstick level and it should be between the maximum mark  and minimum. Driving with low oil could damage the internal components of the engine and could cost you heavy repairs later.
  • Check tyre pressure– Before you start driving your truck check that there is adequate tyre pressure in all the tyres. You might have an air leak that requires inspection. And driving on low pressure could lead to accidents as well.
  • Check brakes Every time you step on the vehicle ensure that your brakes are working just fine. Drive on slow speeds and check for braking.  Inefficient brakes could compromise the braking performance of the vehicle and could also risk your life.
  • Fuel ventIf you live in cold climates then it is better to check the fuel vents as they often freeze in the cold frigid temperatures. Warm up the fuel vents to ensure optimum performance of your engine and let it run for a little while so that the engine warms up. Cold starts won’t be an issue for you everyday if you warm up the vents ideally for about 5 minutes.

Periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance forms another significant part of maintenance to ensure every part stays in order.
Change the Air filter
The air filter tends to get clogged after prolonged use. Cleaning it might be an option but its best to change it after a period of time. Clogged air filters can reduce the performance of your vehicle and could also make it sluggish.
Steps to prevent rust
Rust can be the worst thing happening to a truck. This can be prevented by simply applying oil to different truck parts. You should do this at least once or twice in a month. This will help to maintain the shine on your truck.
Clean the inside out
A through cleaning of your vehicle is required so that its clean while you drive it along the highway. Make sure to clean accidental spills and mud that accumulate over time.
Check the batteries
Battery is an important part of your truck which should not be ignored. A failing battery could give you a hard time on the road. Battery fluids needs to be replaced periodically as and when necessary. It will only take a couple of mins but will save you from a major breakdown.
Consider hiring a professional for a regular upkeep
If you find it difficult to take care of the truck all by yourself you should consider hiring a professional who knows about the truck inside out and who are experienced at it. An expert in the field like Malcolm Taylor Commercials understand your needs and will take care of all your requirements. Get it serviced thoroughly from a service centre which will take care of all your needs.
With these tips in mind you could ensure a long and healthy life of your truck and stay hasslefree on the road.

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