Tips for driving at night

Whether you plan to regularly drive during the night or are worried about an upcoming overnight trip, these tips can help you to feel safer on the road. Driving at night can be a vastly different experience to driving during the day, even though the rules of the road are the same.

If you are going to be driving a lot at night, consider usage based car insurance that’s geared up to give you the protection that you need. Some plans will charge you more for driving during the night, so try to find one that’s reasonably priced and tailored to your schedule.

Get plenty of rest

One of the main causes of accidents at night is due to drivers not having enough sleep. Tiredness can have similar effects to being drunk on the brain, which highlights just how dangerous it could be to sit behind a wheel when it’s well after your bedtime. If you’re feeling particularly tired, then it might be best to stay somewhere overnight before carrying on your journey. But if that’s not possible, keep taking breaks so that you feel more alert when driving.

Check headlights

Most drivers worry about driving at night due to reduced visibility, which makes a working pair of headlights absolutely essential. Always check that your headlights are working before setting off on a night drive and switch them on as the sun begins to set. If you’re going to be driving along dark country roads that don’t have street lamps, remember to turn on your beams if there are no other cars approaching.

Reduce speed

If you’re someone who tends to push the speed limits during the day, you’ll need to show extra caution after dark. It’s best to slow down when in doubt, as it can be harder to stay aware of pedestrians and traffic at night. While you don’t want to drive too slowly, be aware of speed limits and do your best to stick to them as closely as possible.

Get an eye test

Keeping your vision in top shape is important for all kinds of driving, but if you’re struggling to see at night the risks are even greater. If you’re really finding it hard to make out shapes in the dark, talk to your optician, as you could be suffering with some kind of night blindness. Glasses wearers should remember to wear clear lenses as the sun goes down even if they wear prescription sunglasses during the day. It’s easy to forget to swap your eyewear, but taking a few seconds to do so can keep you safe.


Night driving can be especially nerve-wracking for newly qualified drivers, but a bit of practice can do a lot to assuage your fears. Ask a more experienced driver to sit beside you during a few evening journeys to help you build up your confidence. They can give you tips and help to reassure you, allowing you to eventually take the plunge and drive at night by yourself.

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