Things to Remember Legally If Your Car Was Hit By A Garbage Truck

Do you think you can sue if you got into a car accident that was caused by a garbage truck? Yes, depending on the circumstances, you may sue to compensate for the damages of lost wages, medical bills, damages to your property, and for your pain and suffering.
However, to win this case, you must have a detailed analysis of the details and elements that led to the accident. This will determine who is liable for the damages.

Causes Of Garbage Truck Accidents

Garbage trucks drive through residential areas throughout the course of their route. Although they move at slower paced speeds, drivers still have trouble manipulating the vehicle due to limited visibility and its bulky shape, dimensions, and weight the garbage truck carries around. Some of the many factors that contribute to garbage truck accidents include:

  • Falling objects or debris
  • Driver negligence or breach of duty
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Failure to see pedestrians or cars

Things to Remember Legally If Your Car Was Hit by a Garbage Truck

The huge, slow-paced garbage trucks may not seem threatening. However, pedestrians, cyclists and cars may still be at risk. Any damages from a small bump to a full-blown crash may lead to a garbage truck accident.
If your car was hit by a garbage truck, you may be entitled to receive monetary remedy or recourse. Further, read the following elements you must remember legally involving garbage truck accidents.

  • Acquire your police report

The police report holds all of the information of the accident including the information on the driver of the involved garbage truck. This report is very important since it will determine which company the driver worked for, and it also holds an account of the driver’s records.
Also, a police report notes whether you have been physically injured as a consequence of the crash. Noting the setting of the garbage truck accident, details of events leading to the accident, and information from potential witnesses are compelling, well-documented measures of what really happened.
In short, the police report is the best evidence to use when filing a claim against the driver or the garbage truck company.

  • Preserve evidence

One way to preserve evidence is by documenting the accident. Take plenty of photos of the aftermath. This includes damages to both vehicles from different angles, license plate numbers, and your injuries. If possible, take some videos as well. This documentation strengthens your case by proving the magnitude of your garbage truck injuries, damages to your vehicle, conditions of the road, and determining who was at fault for the accident.

  • Get a personal injury lawyer

Get a personal injury lawyer and bring together the police report, information and evidence of the accident. Being involved in an accident caused by a garbage truck is not the same as wrecking another passenger vehicle. Garbage trucks are often driven by city employees and owned by the city.
It is advisable to seek advice from a personal injury lawyer to help sort out your legal rights, legal proceedings, and determine the state or city’s requirements for filing an insurance claim. You can click here to get in touch with someone who can provide legal assistance.

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