The Rome Royal Grand Prix was run

Sunday 24th April 1932

The Rome Royal Grand Prix was run. The Maserati works team and Scuderia Ferrari each started with two cars at Rome’s autodrome, the Littorio airfield circuit. The 33 entries were divided into three categories. Heat 1 for 1100 cc cars was won by Decaroli’s Salmson and Heat 2 by Minozzi’s 2-liter Bugatti. Heat 3 and 4 were run together, won by Varzi in the 2.3-liter Bugatti and followed by Fagioli in the 5-liter Maserati. Then the monotonous Repechage was won by Dreyfus with ease against weaker cars. In the Final Fagioli had no serious opposition with the 16-cylinder Maserati, the only heavy machine. Without question the 5-liter Maserati was one of the fastest cars in Europe. Taruffi’s Alfa Romeo finished second, followed by the Bugattis of von Morgen and Varzi, both slowed down by tire problems.

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