The Rolls-Royce Phantom I was introduced

Saturday 2nd May 1925

The Rolls-Royce Phantom I was introduced. Called the ‘New Phantom’ or ’40/50HP Phantom’ on it’s release, this model replaced the Silver Ghost with updates to the chassis and running gear. It was Roll-Royce’s flagship model until the Phantom II was released in 1929. Compared to the Silver Ghost, the single biggest upgrade was made to the engine which was cast in three blocks, each having two cylinders and detachable cylinder heads. With a pushrod, overhead valvetrain the 7,668 cc unit was powerful enough to move around large cars. The engine’s under square engine could run smoother and a lower rpm with a favorable torque curve. The engine was attached to a separate 4-speed gearbox unit through a rubber coupling to reduce vibration. Power was send to the rear wheels though a torque tube. Other upgrades from the Phantom included a disc-type clutch and adjustable radiator shutters. A complex system of levers and suspension required constant oiling to as many as 50 separate points. The standard chassis was 143.5 inches long and a long wheel base model 150.5 inches.Throughout production, the Phantom was upgraded in detail such as the cylinder which was cast in aluminum from 1928 onward. The Phantom I was a great sucess for Roll-Royce which was extended to the Springfield, Massachusetts plant. American versions featured slightly different wheelbases, a 3-speed transmission and some lacked front brakes.

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