The revived Jensen Motors, formed several years after the original company collapsed, went into administration

Monday 8th July 2002

The revived Jensen Motors, formed several years after the original company collapsed, went into administration. After a £10 million investment, including Liverpool City Council and the Department of Trade and Industry, a two-seater convertible, the Jensen S-V8 was launched at the 1998 British International Motor Show, with an initial production run of 300 deposit paid vehicles planned at a selling price of £40,000 each, but by October 1999 it was confirmed that 110 orders had been placed. The new Liverpool factory in Speke commenced production in August 2001 but troubles with manufacture meant production ceased with only 20 ever leaving the factory and another 18 cars left partially completed. The Jensen name and partially completed cars were later sold to SV Automotive of Carterton, Oxfordshire, in 2003 who decided to complete the build of 12 of the cars, retaining the others for spare parts, and finally selling them for £38,070. In April 2010 Jensen International Automotive (JIA) was founded. This new company will buy old Jensen Interceptors, and sell them as new ones after a complete restoration, with new engine and interior trim.In September 2011 CPP, a specialist sports car manufacturer announced they were planning to make a new Jensen, expected to go on sale to the public sometime in 2014. The new Interceptor will be based around an all-aluminium chassis and will feature alloy panels, “echoing the four-seat grand tourer layout of the much-loved original”, according to the official press release. On the 25 February 2015, Autocar published a report stating that the Jensen name is officially being revived with two models expected by 2016. The first model, shown in clay on the same article, shows a vehicle called the Jensen GT. This model will be built in bespoke numbers and cost around £350,000. Also in 2016, Jensen is expected to launch the successor to the famous Jensen Interceptor, called the Interceptor 2. These revival announcements are completely different to the ones announced by CPP in 2011 and are “officially sanctioned” by the company leading the project, “The Jensen Group”, who have said they have established complete ownership over the Jensen marque. The interim Jensen GT will be produced under an agreement between the Jensen Group and Jensen International Automotive, a small British company that builds modified Interceptor R models.

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