The RAC Rally & Coachwork Competition ended in Torquay, Devon

Tuesday 1st March 1932

The RAC Rally & Coachwork Competition ended in Torquay, Devon. Nearly 350 competitors in unmodified cars began from nine numerous towns and cities (London, Bath, Norwich, Leamington, Buxton, Harrogate, Liverpool, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Edinburgh. The Official Programme explained:

Different routes are followed from the nine starting points, each approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 km) long, but all finishing at Torquay. On every route there are four controls in addition to the starting and finishing controls, and these are open for periods varying from seven to four hours. Competitors may report at these controls at any time during the hours of opening…….At the final control they must check in as near their fixed finishing time as possible, and any considerable deviation from this time results in loss of marks.

Additionally a Concours d’Elegance was held in Torquay. There was no official winner, even though Colonel A H Loughborough in a Lanchester 15/18 was recorded as having the fewest penalty points in the decisive test at the finish.

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