The Pontiac Firebird was introduced

Thursday 23rd February 1967

The Pontiac Firebird was introduced. The Firebird featured new styling, twin grilles of a bumper-integral design, three vertical air slots on the front edge of the rear body panels, and vent windows in the front. A hardtop coupe or convertible body style were available and came with any of the Tempest or GTO powertrains. The six-cylinder engine displaced 230 cubic-inches (3.8 litres) and offered 165 horsepower. The base V8 engine was an overhead valve unit that displaced 400 cubic-inches and offered 335 horsepower. Pontiac produced 67,032 examples of the coupe and just 15,528 of the convertible. Pricing for the coupe began at $2,660 while the convertible sold for $2,900. Through good times and bad, the Pontiac Firebird was at the forefront of America’s muscle car generation. Introduced in 1967 and following through to 2002 shows just how successful its reign was

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