The last Plymouth Model PB was produced

Tuesday 27th September 1932

The last Plymouth Model PB was produced. Innovations of the Model PB included Plymouth’s first one-piece front fenders, which were more rounded, and free standing headlights. A three-inch-longer 112-inch wheelbase resulted in a more “important” look, while a horsepower boost from 56 to 65 provided snappier performance despite a 100-pound weight increase. All in all, the PB was fully competitive in its field. The 10-model lineup, ranging in price from $495 to $785, included no less than five open body styles: four-door phaeton, convertible coupe and sedan, two-seater Business­ Roadster, and the rakish rumble-seat Sport Roadster seen here. Its owners, Harry and Virginia DeMenge, of Chula Vista, California, note that it sold new for $595 and that only 2163 were built, and that its windshield was only 6 1/2 inches high at the center, so there was no need for a chop job! Plymouth tried to tap the youth market early by offering a “Collegiate Special” Sport Roadster, which for $40 extra the factory would paint in the buyer’s school colors. The roadster is seen here in the colors for Mankato State University, the Minnesota school Virginia attended.The 1932 was notable because it was the last of the four-cylinder Plymouths (until modern times) — and the finest of them all.

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