The last MG 18/80 MkII was completed

Monday 10th October 1932

The last MG 18/80 MkII was completed. The 18/80 was available with three types of bodywork , each of which was distinguished by a specific name. The two- door torpedo was called Mark I, while the two-door coupe was called Mark II. Both were offered from 1928 to 1932. The sedan , called Mark III, was instead assembled only from 1930 to 1931 . The three versions were based on Morris Oxford , from which they also took the characteristic “Bullnose” radiator , which in English means “bullet-shaped muzzle”. The 18/80 was characterized by a grille with vertical fins typical of the MG models.

The 18/80 had installed an engine with six cylinders in line of 2,468 cc of displacement that developed maximum output of about 80 hp of power . The Mark I and the Mark III were equipped with only one SU carburetor , while on the Mark II there were two. The maximum speed reached by the model was 125 km/h .

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