The greatest height ramped by a monster truck of 7

Tuesday 14th December 1999

The greatest height ramped by a monster truck of 7.3 m (24 ft), was set by Dan Runte driving Bigfoot 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the process Dan Runte jumped seven cars and his 73′ hauler lengthwise in Las Vegas, Nevada. This 175′ didn’t break his 202′ long jump record but it came in as the number two record. The landing took its toll, tearing off the right front wheel and bending the chassis. The jump was recorded for UPN’s – “I Dare You, The Ultimate Challenge” televised Jan 18th, 2000. Dan said that even though he broke off the wheel the landing was not too bad and he suffered no injuries. Bigfoot 14 is actually the 13th truck built by team Bigfoot. Bigfoot 13 was skipped due to superstition.

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