The first Italian Grand Prix, held at the 10

Sunday 4th September 1921

The first Italian Grand Prix, held at the 10.7 mile (17.3 km) circuit near Brescia, was won by Jules Giux in a 3 litre Ballot. However, the race is more closely associated with Monza, which was built in 1922 in time for that year’s race, and has been the location for most of the races over the years. The 1923 race included one of Harry A. Miller’s rare European appearances with his single seat “American Miller 122” driven by Count Louis Zborowski of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang fame. The Italian Grand Prix counted toward the European Championship from 1935 to 1938. It was one of the inaugural Formula One championship races in 1950, and has been held every year since then. The only other championship race for which this is true is the British Grand Prix.

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