The Dort Motor Car Company was officially dissolved

Tuesday 5th October 1926

The Dort Motor Car Company was officially dissolved. The company was founded as a Flint Road Cart Company in 1884 by William C. Durant and Josiah Dallas There , who sold wagons from local businesses for US $ 8, – the piece. In 1900, the company, which produced 50,000 carriages at that time, was renamed Durant Dort Carriage Company .

In 1912, Dort was director and vice president of Chevrolet , but in 1913 he left this post and in 1915 he also separated from Durant and the company was renamed Durant Motor Car Company . Chief engineer was Etienne Planche , who had built Louis Chevrolet’s first automobile together. 1920 was the best year of the company, over 30,000 vehicles were built. In Canada the wagons were manufactured by William Gray under license and offered as Gray there .

The Dort Motor Car Company built a total of more than 107,000 cars by 1924 and had to give up because the growing costs of development and marketing made it impossible to operate economically in the 1920s.

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