The Campbell Circuit at Brooklands for road racing was officially opened

Saturday 1st May 1937

The Campbell Circuit at Brooklands for road racing was officially opened.
The lap distance was 2.267 miles and the width of the concrete track was 32 ft increasing to 40 ft at the corners. It was an anticlockwise circuit. The first corner was a sharp right hander called the Test Hill hairpin, so called because it was at the bottom end of the Test Hill, followed by a fairly steep rise. This section of the track is now the museum entrance road, the gate being about where the bridge used to be. At the end of this straight the track turned left on to the Member’s Banking, under the Member’s Bridge, over the Bump of the Hennebique Bridge and on to the Railway Straight. Half way down they took a 90 degree left turn on to the infield section. This was followed by a left on to Solomon’s Straight, the sweeping right 170 Aerodrome Curve and then on to Sahara Straight straight running parallel with the old Finishing Straight. At the end of Sahara Straight was the sharp left hand bend called Vickers Bridge Corner followed by a bridge over the River Wey. After this the cars turned the Fork Bend which was a left handed sweep across the Fork end of the Finishing Straight. The track then ran back towards the clubhouse parallel with the Finishing Straight. New pits were constucted on the left hand side after Fork Bend and spectators could get up to a viewing gallery over the pits where they could see a good view of the action. The inaugural race was won by Bira in a Maserati.

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