The 8th Tokyo Motor Show opened

Wednesday 25th October 1961

The 8th Tokyo Motor Show opened. The Prince Sports Convertible designed by Michelloti, an Italian-style 700cc prototype from Daihatsu, the Italian-style Toyopet Sports (1900cc experimental car) from Toyota, Datsun Fairlady SP310 from Nissan, 2-seater 450 Sports from Fuji Heavy Industries, and the Suzulight Sports 360 from Suzuki. Young people were delighted with the rush of sports cars. As for sedans, Isuzu completed home-production of the Hillman, and independently developed the mid-sized “Bellel,” and Hino Motors developed “Contessa 900” based on Renault. These cars were displayed at the Show. Also featured were 1900cc cars in the Crown, Cedric, and Prince series. This trend followed the change in displacement regulations the previous year. Though not a new model, the “Bluebird Fancy” was remarkable in that it was designed to meet the demands of an increasing number of women acquiring their drivers license. The car attracted female fans with its soft-colored appearance and built-in make-up kits and other accessories.

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